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Aside from all the controversy surrounding 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice', the film has been expected to be an enormous box office hit since its announcement way back in 2013.

And by current information, the next chapter in the DC cinematic universe is not disappointing.

Deadline reports the film is currently outpacing 'The Avengers', 'Furious 7' and 'Deadpool' in advance ticket sales. A non-Warner Brothers analyst has the figure between $20-$25 million in ticket sales already.

The trade estimates "the greatest gladiator match in the history of the world" will open with $140 million domestically and up to $340 million globally. But as it usually goes with these estimates, they will most likely change as the days go by.

Movio, which monitors movie-ticket buyer trends, analyzed the profile of moviegoers who bought 'Batman v Superman' tickets and compared them to the 'Jurassic World' audience. Movio Co-Founder and chief executive Will Palmer had this to say:

As expected, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is anticipated by the fan male audience. The audience profile is 78% male, massively over indexing between age 14-49. This is your avid opening weekend audience with some 70% attending films during opening week, spending 3.2 times more than the typical US moviegoer.”

According to Movio, 99% of 'Batman v Superman' advanced ticket buyers have booked screenings over opening weekend with 57% on Thursday night and 22% on Friday. The average age for a Thursday night audience member is 30.3 years versus Jurassic World's opening night ticket buyer of 30.6 years. Men are anticipated to cover 82% of the Thursday night audience compared to the 64% of 'Jurassic World'.

What do you think? Does 'BvS:DoJ' have a chance at becoming the film with the highest opening weekend in history?


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