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Seriously?! It's been a year since the mid-season finale episode of Bee and PuppyCat?! How long it's been!

Bee and PuppyCat with Deckard
Bee and PuppyCat with Deckard

A month ago, Channel Frederator posted a video about the episodes of Bravest Warriors and Bee and PuppyCat. In the video, Tim apologizes for the long, long hiatus of the two series. But to recover from it, he tells us about its updates and episodes. Bee and PuppyCat is said to have completed 42 minutes; the final 18 minutes is still in process. He also adds that the final episode will be ten episodes long compared to a normal six-minute episode. Is this only for the final episode? Or for each episode?

If it is for each episode, there would be five episodes; ten minutes per episode.

The last part of the video shows us sneak peeks of the two series. For the sneak peek of Bee and PuppyCat, Bee is frowning. Then she states that it's her birthday that day. If it's her birthday, will this week be a birthday week for the Bee and PuppyCat series?


Birthday Week or Most Likely Not?


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