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Now, there are a whole lot of ways to tell that a brand new second season of Marvel and Netflix's Daredevil is heading our way this weekend. Check your palms? Are they sweating ever so slightly more than usual? That'll be Daredevil. Is the thought of having to work all day Friday starting to make you feel a little down? That'll be Daredevil, too. Heck, are you looking forward to the weekend as the sole possible savior of your week? Don't worry, that's not existential despair at the nature of a nine-to-five job, that'll just be Daredevil.

The surest sign of Daredevil's imminent arrival on our screens (this coming Friday, natch!), however, is surely the fact that...

The Latest 'Daredevil' Season 2 Trailer Is Big On Mystery, Small On Plot Reveals

After all, there's a whole lot in there that COULD be a huge deal — not least Stick's implication that there's a whole lot more going on behind the scenes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe than we think (can anybody say 'mystical side of Marvel'?) — but very little of it is made all that clear by that trailer.

Which, seeing as in around about three days' time we're likely all going to be plunging head first into a nationwide Daredevil marathon, is probably about right — especially since that trailer did actually manage to make me even more excited.


What do you think, though?


Just how excited are you for the arrival of 'Daredevil 'Season 2 this Friday?


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