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These are the finest actors in the world, chosen by some people that may or may not be in touch with today's culture. One thing I can say; I am extremely happy for Leo! He's one of the best actors out right now and I especially loved him in Gangs of New York!

I am first and foremost -- a superhero fan. So, the first thing I think of after seeing the list of winners from such a prestigious event; what roles could they play in my two favorite universes. I might be a little late to the party, but at least I arrived to share with you some awesome fan casting. Here are the four winners and two nominees in possible roles for the DCEU!

Leonardo Dicaprio - Winner For Best Actor, The Revenant

I've done one of these much earlier in my blogging career -- and I thought that Leo would make a great Riddler. Someone pointed out how much better suited Andrew Scott (Sherlock, Spectre) was for the role and I agreed. For some odd reason when I look at Leo now - I see Sinestro - one of the best villains in the DC Universe . Now Mark Strong did this character very well in the otherwise awful 2011's Green Lantern. But Sinestro is one of the Green Lantern Corps' greatest enemies and it would be a shame not see him in the DCEU. Leo can act in any role he sees fit and I would love to see what kind of accent he would come up with for this Yellow Lantern.

Alicia Vikander - Winner For Best Supporting Actress, The Danish Girl

I fell in love with this actress after her performance in Ex Machina. It's just a matter of time before one of the big two, offer her enough money to star in a superhero movie. She's incredibly charming, but I've always been under the impression that there was something dark lying beneath the surface. She's amazing in everything that she's in and I think she would bring Raven to life for DC. With DC's Enchantress set to bring the weird into DCEU and an upcoming Cyborg movie that may or may not be a front for the Teen Titans. I think it's pretty safe to assume we will be seeing Raven.

Brie Larson - Winner For Best Actress, The Room

I loved her in 21 Jump Street, but she's definitely the hardest one to cast. I recently read an article casting her as Captain Marvel and it's hard to get that out of my head -- but this a DC fan cast. The obvious choice would be Supergirl: due to how similar her and Captain Marvel are. But I refuse to take the easy way out. Don't get mad at me, but every superhero needs a love interest. And I am with the majority of fans that hate to see a great female-lead sidelined. I think she would make an awesome Iris West in the cinematic version of The Flash. The other choice I was leaning on was Black Canary. I am not sure how they would incorporate her in the mix -- so I went safe -- and chose a part that will almost certainly be cast.

Mark Rylance - Best Supporting Actor, Bridge of Spies

I know the least amount about this winner, but I am still going to give it a shot. Based on purely looks and voice -- I would cast him as The Mad Hatter in an upcoming Batman movie as a secondary villain. Now, I know this possibly could upset some of you and I am more than open to hear suggestions in the comment section.

And The Nominees...

Tom Hardy - Nominated For Best Supporting Actor, The Revenant

He just missed out playing Rick Flag in the upcoming Suicide Squad. This means that he is game to play a DC character in their upcoming films -- and plus he already played Bane in The Dark Knight Rises. A lot of people would like to see him play Wolverine in the X-Universe (I wouldn't mind). He's amazing in almost everything he does and I think he possibly could play Guy Gardner. Mr. Gardner joined the Red Lanterns in the comics and Tom Hardy can play this character to almost perfection.

Rooney Mara - Best Supporting Actress Nominee, Carol

If I didn't put Alicia Vikander as Raven, then I definitely would have picked Rooney Mara. She's another incredible talent that could play any role in DC Comics. The first thought that comes to mind - Selina Kyle in the DCEU - but I don't think that would be the perfect role for her. I believe she would make an awesome Kate Kane in an upcoming Batman movie. When I said she could play any role in DCEU - I meant it.

Fan casting is always fun and I would love to hear if you have any other ideas for this year's Oscar nominees in the comments!


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