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Described as an American 3D computer animated adventure horror-comedy film (more of a mouthful than your average hotdog), Sausage Party is the upcoming spoof that is sure to have Disney/Pixar reaching for their teddy bears. Here are the five things from the trailer that prove Sausage Party will be "fun on a bun."

1. It Is Like 'Toy Story'

Watching inanimate objects run around our screens for an 83-minute runtime may seem repetitive, but we have done it since 1995 and it isn't old yet. The Toy Story franchise is one of the highest grossing of all time, and while we wait until Toy Story 4 in 2018, this could fill the gap. Cutesy packaged foods escaping hungry humans means you will never look at your 5-A-Day the same way again. Expect pescatarians to be shouting "I told you so" at the screen.

2. It Is R-Rated

Fuck yeah, it's a kids' film not for kids. Yeah sure, the likes of Toy Story and Finding Nemo have some references that only the adults are going to get, but when did you last hear Wall-E drop the F-bomb? Sausage Party is one film for which you will definitely leave the kids at home with the babysitter.

3. It Is Part Horror

Not since Salad Fingers or Ugly Americans have we had a genuinely horrific animation. Sausage Party seems to change this as the devouring of baby carrot children in the trailer shows us . We even have a gory Saving Private Ryan scene with spaghetti insides — expect skins to fly, carrots to be diced, and screams to be spilt.

4. These Guys

With writing credentials such as Superbad and Pineapple Express, we are sure to have some belly laughs and toilet humor. "But I thought hurricane season was over?"

5. Oh And These Guys

A who's who of Hollywood talent, Rogen, Wiig, Hill, and Franco will lead the vocal talents, backed up by the usual Superbad boys and randomly Edward Norton?! Norton will be playing Sammy Bagel Jr.; Sausage Party, you get half a star just for that pun alone.

Sausage Party premiered this month at the South by Southwest Film Festival to rapturous applause. It will be fully released on August 12, 2016, and we can't wait to grab some popcorn and eat its tiny soul. Sausage Party is set to be one of this year's adult comedy hits. I wonder if McLovin will have a cameo as Mayor McCheese?

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