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If you thought learning about America's four-year Civil War was complicated, then you'll find Marvel's superhero Civil War just as convoluted. There are more than 50 issues published, with more than a dozen different titles, containing nearly every single superhero in the Marvel Universe.

To help break it down for you, this animated video was created to summarize the events and plot points from the comics.

WARNING: There may be some SPOILERS below, as some events might be recreated in the 'Captain America: Civil War' film.

The story begins with a group of superheroes deeply affected by a mistake on their end that caused many innocent civilians to die. The government creates a law that requires superheroes to register with the government or they will become criminals when caught fighting crimes.

Iron Man sides with the government, looking to imprison any superhero that doesn't comply with the law; Captain America, on the other hand, feels that government intervention goes against his civil liberty to simply defeat bad guys.

How do they solve this divide? By launching a mass superhero war, which leaves a few of their own dead. Nothing that a chat couldn't have fixed.

Noah Sterling is here to give you the rundown in his Bite-Size Comics video.

Captain America: Civil War hit theaters on May 6.

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