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So the internet has gone slightly crazy after the first official Ghostbusters trailer hit last week.

The all-female Ghostbusters team idea seems to be getting a similar response to that of Marmite, which has a love it or hate it marketing ploy.

which one are you?
which one are you?

It was always gonna be tough to appease fans of the original movies and in a world of remakes, reboots and spin-offs, it's easy to understand why fans are reacting like this.

Take for example the Back to the Future trilogy, another beloved 80's franchise that has as many (if not more) fans around the world.

These movies are also primed for a re-imagining but Director Robert Zemeckis and Co-Writer Bob Gale (who own the rights) have said they won't let it happen in their lifetimes AND hope after they've passed on their estates can further block any plans.

Proving that not every movie has to be remade.......

Doc? we turn into assholes or something?
Doc? we turn into assholes or something?

Now that i've given you that to chew on, check out these 5 Hilarious Reactions to the Ghostbusters Trailer(s).

1. Stay-Puft Don't Like

Brainchild of VFX artist Darren Wallace, who states on his YouTube Channel he's an artist with "too much free time", has created this funky reaction trailer. Poor Mr Stay Puft! he just can't catch a break.....

Looks amazing and even rivals the ghost vfx from the official trailer, probably because they look more fierce then the kid friendly ghosts in the reboot.

2. Finger Pointing Won't help!

A severe reaction that made me chuckle quite a bit more then the movie has so far.....

3. You Made him cry!

The trailer re-cut within famous movies, shows what top acting legends think, featuring Robert De Nero, Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Joseph Gordon Levitt and Bill funny!

4. Short and Sweet

This Fan Re-cut of the international trailer actually hits a lot of high notes and seems to promise a better we're all hoping for.


Trailer Voice over man! gives a hilarious take on the footage at hand...he has some very good points


The NEW Ghostbusters are here however you like it and no doubt this will have young children flocking to their local cinema's on mass. Which means a whole host of toys and possibly sequels are on the horizon (a TV show is already in-development).

Will the reboot stand on it's own legs? Time will tell.....

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