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{This is a spoiler free article about Batman v Superman. I have not seen anything more than the trailers and thus shall not talk about any major plot points. If you have avoided all promotional material then you should know that some of it will be discussed. But to those of you avoiding those pesky spoilers floating around, you're safe and sound around here.}

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has had a... troubled relationship with the general public. Opinions on it seem to be split by some kind of divine appointment, with every trailer bringing criticism, every criticism bringing rebuttal, every rebuttal being rebuffed and everyone just getting more and more frustrated.

One might logically conclude then, that the film's box office revenue would suffer from the seeming plethora of people on the internet talking it down. If that was indeed your conclusion then you may be surprised to hear that pre-release ticket sales are supposedly doing exceedingly well, outstripping many of the top ten highest grossing films. Now obviously this doesn't mean too much in terms of performance, as word of mouth as well as many other factors will have a significant impact on the resulting turnover.

However, I have a few reasons as to why I'm not surprised by the ticket sales, and why I reckon the film will take a place up with perhaps even the top five most lucrative movies of all time. So without further ado, here's why Batman v Superman will make all the money.

1) No Bad Publicity

While I wouldn't agree with the idea that there isn't such a thing as negative press, in the case of Batman v Superman I'd say that all the criticism it has come under will help it in the end. Especially with the prevalence of social media, the debate over whether or not the teaser trailer was any good (as a random example of the many clashes) will have mainly just pushed the existence of the film into the limelight as things got more and more heated, to the point where everybody starts hearing about the movie. The backlash to the appearance of Doomsday will have simply floated a picture of some weird monster thingy around most people's news feeds, prompting them to register that the film is actually a thing that is happening. Also, it's worth noting that the majority of those who are picking apart what they see of the film (quite fairly in many cases) are generally people who, despite holding the opinion that the movie will be terrible, are most likely going to be there opening night because it's got Batman in it and/or so they can say "I told you so" to everyone they can get to listen for a few seconds.

2) The Star Power

This and point one sort of go hand in hand, as while prevalence is handy, and it helps if more people hear about your film, it also needs to hook them in once they are aware of its existence. In that regard, Batman v Superman has it easy. It's literally there in the title. Everyone knows who both Batman and Superman are, and most people have a preference for one of the two. Thus, when the layman stumbles across that title, it's reasonable to think that they would be interested to go see a film about such prevalent figures in pop culture, and even have some kind of investment in the conflict. There's also the acting star power, with Ben Affleck having had an acclaimed few years, earning an Oscar and starring in the beloved Gone Girl. Other talent includes fellow Oscar winner Jeremy Irons, Jesse Eisenberg (also the star of an incredible David Fincher film) and the widely loved Amy Adams.

3) The Inevitable Debate

People usually like to be included in discussions, often wanting to be able to weigh in an opinion of their own regards to a hot topic. With the continuing controversy over the film, it's almost set in stone that the movie-going community will argue over the final products merits as vehemently as they did Man of Steel. I would imagine then, that a lot of people would want to be able to put something of their own about a film as big and as eye-catching as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I think then, that I would be correct in stating that the rampaging clash of opinions will encourage at least some folks to buy a ticket in order to either say that it was actually quite good, or to point out to their enthusiastic friend that it was really terrible.

Wrapping Up...

In reality, there really isn't any way of definitively calling how successful Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be at this stage. I like to think I've presented a convincing enough argument as to why it will be incredibly fruitful for Warner Bros. I'm sure there are counterpoints, but those are my points. If you have any of those counters, then please do share them in the comments below.

Until next time though guys, enjoy your lives.


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