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****WARNING, this post contains a few spoilers about the movie****

After a long wait, this greatly anticipated movie was money well spent at the cinema. With the best combination of action, drama, comedy, and "no kids allowed" jokes this movie makes for the best "Guys Movie Night" ever. The story fallows Wade Wilson, who after finding out he had an almost non-curable cancer left his fiance and got experimented on with what is believed to be a mutation serum made from Wolverines DNA. After the serum does its stuff, Wade mutates thus making his skin look worse then JarJar Binks from the Star Wars Prequels and his cellular regeneration became faster.

The movies story was great, but it still needed a little something. Like more X-Men, a better bad guy, and a better plot. The story went back and forth between when Wade Wilson Became DeadPool and when DeadPool was trying to find Francis (the bad guy who mutated him and stole his fiance) to turn him back to normal and save his fiance in the process. Even tho the movie lacked in plot, the jokes and references of other movies and actors made it all worth wile at the end.

Why is it Rated R?

A question on many parents minds was why DeadPool was R-rated and that question has a simple answer. . . With the amount of double-meaning and sex related jokes, adult content, use of bad words, sex references, drug references, drug use, and sex scenes that the movie has, i would never let my kids see it. Even I was feeling a little odd with the content at times. I understand many parents wanted to take their kids to watch DeadPool but it just wasn't made for kids eyes or ears. If you have kids and want them to be exposed to many things they shouldn't see before a certain age go ahead. Buy it when it comes out on DVD and let them watch it and possibly regret it later, but i DO NOT recommend it AT ALL for kids under the age of 18. Even tho the movie is great and very funny it is best you leave that story for an other day if it involves your kids.

My Rate

The Comedy was amazing, the references to other movies and actors was great, and knowing that the X-Men will indeed be a part of future DeadPool movies makes me have a nerdgasm. But the story and plot needed a little bit more work and for future movies I hope they have an actual bad guy that makes the plot more captivating. I give this movie 4 Xtreemly Geeky stars out of 5.

Movie Trailer

All references used to make this Movie Review are gathered from the movie DeadPool.


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