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The time is almost upon us to feast our eyes on [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870)! There are wild speculations everywhere and everyone is counting the hours until the movie hit theaters. Well, that might just be me.

People everywhere are scanning the trailers and TV spots to see if there's something that we might have missed. After checking out the viral marketing for LexCorp, the good people at Screenrant pointed out this crazy coincidence. Check out what the Lex/OS website had to say about their product:

“World’s first neural network based operating system.” The goal is to teach Lex/OS how to think like a human being, with the idea being to create an operating system with more complexity and security than a simple computer. LexCorp touts Lex/OS as the start of an “age of machines that will think for us, freeing up human brain power to tackle the world’s bigger questions.”

This really makes you think about the possibility that Lex is creating Brainiac. We already know that Zack Snyder is changing Doomsday's origin in the movie. Instead of a Kyrptonian killing machine, it looks to be the way that Lex created Bizarro in the comics. So, why not have him create Brainiac too?

Image: Wikia
Image: Wikia

I'd personally rather see a more traditional version of Brainiac; he has a 12th level intellect and close ties to Krypton. If we ever get another Man of Steel movie — this would be an awesome way to further explore Krypton. This also could be a way to introduce Supergirl in the DCEU; and she could be the one to save Superman from Brainiac. I'm not sure if we'll see another Superman movie before 2020, but you never know if Batman v Superman is extremely successful.

Everyone knows that creating A.I. is a horrible idea. Just looked at what happened in Age of Ultron and The Terminator franchise. This never works well for humanity and only a mad scientist would attempt to do something so foolish.

Image: Marvel
Image: Marvel

But what happens if he uses parts of The World Engine in Man of Steel to create this highly sophisticated operating system? And Brainiac was chilling in the programming and he was one of the reasons why Zod got it to work in the first place? He thought "Hey, let's see what these Kyrptonians will do!" Remember how Ultron was everywhere at once: due to him controlling Tony's Iron Legion. After witnessing Earth for the first time, Brainiac decides he wants a little piece of it as a souvenir. I mean do you know how cool it would look to see Braniac's ship on the big screen! Do you see those tentacles at the end his ship?

What if those highly sophisticated Kryptonian machines in the first Man of Steel — they were created by Brainiac to help Krypton? So, when Clark started up the Genesis Chamber, he'll awoke a sleeping giant. And what if Lex is experimenting with the damage the Man of Steel caused in his solo movie; this could be the third act of BvS when the machines attack The Trinity? This will set up Brainiac in the first Justice League movie.

So, he comes back with all his tech and tries to invade Earth in Justice League: Part One; and when he is defeated by disease, or something — he warns the Justice League about Darkseid's impending invasion. This is probably unlikely: due to the Knightmare scene in the trailers and the recent scoop from EW. Supposedly, The Flash is supposed to travel back to warn the Trinity that they need to get along, or this is what could happen. They will be powerless to stop the Parademons and Apokolips. This makes more sense; because they will beat Marvel to having their Universe's big bad to the big screen first.

Knightmare scene. Image: Marvel
Knightmare scene. Image: Marvel

I know, this sounds loony and just some fanboy speculating wildly. I really would love to see Brainiac in the DCEU; and he would give us a proper A.I. — that is not only terrifying, but extremely capable of decimating civilizations. I just thought I would share this tidbit of information with you and I would to love to know if you think this is plausible?

'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' hits theaters on March 25th in the United States! Check out the trailer one more time:

Source: Cinemablend (via Screenrant)


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