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Kaitlyn Beckner

Lightning (a.k.a. Claire Farron) is the main protagonist in the video game Final Fantasy XIII. In the game, Lightning seeks to save her sister, Serah, but gets mixed up in a plot that threatens to damage her home of Cocoon.

Initially, Lightning is standoffish and very independent — she is determined and concentrated, distancing herself from her companions. She looks out for herself and doesn't care if others are left behind. Most of her anger is fueled by what she sees as failing to protect Serah. This causes her to lash out at anyone she believes is responsible for Serah's fal'Cie's fate. Lightning begins to show compassion and trust in others while she journeys with Hope and takes him under her wing.

Lightning ultimately becomes a leader, and in my opinion, one of the strongest female characters in any of the Final Fantasy games. She's very strong, brave and independent. I personally admire her strength and her love for her family as well as her willingness to protect those she cares about.

I would personally love to see more female characters similar to Lightning. She changes up the game for female characters. She takes charge and runs things, and it's nice to see Square Enix portray woman in a strong way; a lot of game companies still don't.

Final Fantasy XIII didn't get as much praise as previous titles and I wish it had. Overall it was an amazing game with wonderful characters and beautiful game art and scenery.

Who's your favorite 'Final Fantasy' female?


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