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The fight for control of the Millennium Falcon is heating up!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, there are only a few remaining contenders for the starring role in Disney's movie about young Han Solo. The minds behind the origin story have landed on Alden Ehrenreich, Jack Reynor and Taron Egerton as the possible actors to fill Harrison Ford's memorable boots.

Sources told THR that screen tests took place last weekend in London, and with so much secrecy surrounding the project, there could be a few other names still on the list. But considering the fact that more than 2,500 actors allegedly auditioned for the part, narrowing it down to a single-digit number is definitely noteworthy.

Let's take a look at the actors we know for sure made the shortlist.

Alden Ehrenreich

The lone American out of the three was a scene-stealer in this year's Hail, Caesar!, a Coen brothers film about Old Hollywood. He played a Western star named Hobie Doyle and he definitely has Han's swagger and gun-toting abilities down. The 26-year-old also appeared in Beautiful Creatures, Stoker and Blue Jasmine among others.

Jack Reynor

Though Jack Reynor was born in America, he has lived in Ireland since he was two years old. Now aged 24, the actor is probably best known for his role as race car driver Shane in Transformers: Age Of Extinction, the fourth movie in the franchise. He recently stretched his acting muscles in the film adaptation of William Shakespeare's Macbeth alongside Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard.

Taron Egerton

Arguably the most recognizable actor of the bunch, Egerton has already enjoyed major box office success with 2014's Kingsman: The Secret Service. The 26-year-old British actor also starred in smaller films like Eddie The Eagle, Testament Of Youth and Legend. Though he's still a relative newcomer, if Disney wants a big name to attach to the franchise, Taron is the most likely candidate.

Once the leading man is secured, the standalone Han Solo movie is scheduled to hit theaters in 2018.


Who would you want to play Han Solo?

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)


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