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1O years ago, a little film came out starring Amanda Bynes, and up-and-comer Channing Tatum. While it had all the makings of a normal high school comedy, it had a certain twist that seemed hard to pull off. Amanda Bynes was passing herself off as a boy in the film.

She's the Man is one of the most underrated high school movies there are, with a lot of physical comedy, as well as memorable characters and lines. It challenges gender roles, while keeping you guessing the whole time as to what exactly will happen and what crazy situation Amanda's character will get into next.

Here are some facts you might not know about this crazy film:

1. It's based on a Shakespeare play

This movie is actually based on the play Twelfth Night where a woman has to take on the appearance of a man to get a job after a shipwreck leaves her alone in a new land. The movie alludes to it a lot, like the fact that the school Viola, Amanda's character, goes to as Sebastian is Illyria, the country where the character in the play ended up. In the play, though, Viola isn't impersonating her brother but just a regular guy, under the guise of Cesario, which is also the name of the local pizza parlor in the movie.

2. Coach Dinklage is actually a pro

Vinnie Jones, who played soccer coach Dinklage, actually played professional football (soccer) for Wimbledon, Leeds United, Sheffield United and Chelsea between 1984 and 1999.

3. They wanted Jesse McCartney for the role of Sebastian

Because his facial features are similar to Amanda's, they wanted him to play the role of her twin brother whom she impersonates. However, he had other obligations at the time and the role went to James Kirk.

4. Channing Tatum did actually end up hitting James Snyder hard

So his reaction to the towel snap is completely real.

5. This movie borrows heavily from a Disney channel movie

Five years before She's the Man Disney Channel released its own tale based on Shakespeare's play, Motocrossed. It had a similar premise, where the female was told she wasn't as good as the boys in a sport, and took on the persona of her brother to prove everyone wrong, including her parents who wanted her to stay away from the sport (in this movie, however, it was her dad not her mom). Her love interest, as well, helps to train her in the sport, while she tries to help him win the affections of another girl.

6. They had to custom make a tampon for Amanda

Come on, nothing gross meant here. She just had to explain why she had tampons in her bag, being a boy. The character came up with the excuse that she gets really bad nose bleeds and the tampons absorb the blood right up. Her nose was too small for normal tampons, however, so they custom made one for her to be able to put up her nose.

7. Both of Viola's love interests were in Step Up movies.

Both Channing Tatum, who played Duke and Robert Hoffman, who played Justin were in the film franchise. Channing Tatum was in Step Up and made an appearance in Step Up 2: the Streets. Robert played the male lead in Step Up 2.

8. A lot of the lines are adlibbed

With both Amanda Bynes and David Cross being comedic geniuses, a lot of their choices, whether actions or certain lines, were their own ideas.

9. Amanda Bynes didn't know how to play soccer when they started filming

However, she quickly learned and did most of her own stunts.

Do you know any facts about this movie? Comment below and tell us about them!

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