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Everyone is super-excited for the upcoming animated feature from Warner Brothers. Mark Hamill went on his Twitter account and shared these words:

“All it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest man alive to lunacy…Just one bad day.”
“Remember there’s always madness… Madness is the emergency exit.”
“If I have to have a past, then I prefer it to be multiple choice.”
Here it is released by Mark Hamill
Here it is released by Mark Hamill

Mark Hamill will voice the Joker and Kevin Conroy will voice Batman. Tara Strong will voice Barbra Gordon and Ray Wise will also voice Commissioner Gordon. Fans are extremely happy with the return of Conroy and Hamill -- this should be epic when the movie is released!

This story is an adaptation from Alan Moore and Brian Bollard's popular one-shot 1988 graphic novel Batman: The Killing Joke. Here's what Alan Moore had to say in a 2000 interview about arguably the greatest comic book ever:

The Killing Joke is a story about Batman and the Joker; it isn't about anything that you're ever going to encounter in real life, because Batman and the Joker are not like any human beings that have ever lived. So there's no important human information being imparted ... Yeah, it was something that I thought was clumsy, misjudged and had no real human importance. It was just about a couple of licensed DC characters that didn't really relate to the real world in any way.

The story is about a guy who quits his job and tries to be a stand-up comedian. One bad day he loses his wife and tries to rob a card company. When Batman shows up, he jumps into some chemical waste and the chemicals bleaches his skin. The story goes on, but one of the most notable things that happens-- when he shoots and crippled Barbara Gordon.

Afterwards he takes naked pictures of her to show her father, Commissioner Gordon. What ensues is the Joker tries to break Jim Gordon, by tying him up at a fun house and forcing him to look at pictures of his naked daughter. His purpose is that any man can break from one bad day. Batman arrives, all the while Gordon maintains his Gordon-goodness. The similarity of Batman and The Joker is pointed out by the author -- they both had one bad day and it defines them, the rest of their existence.

Oh yeah, it's going to be R-Rated! Are you excited for Batman: The Killing Joke?

Source: Mark Hamill &Wikipedia


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