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Since 2009, a re-adaption of the famous novel Stephen King's IT has been in development, it is mentioned to be both a re-adaption of the novel and a remake of the 1990 classic two-part miniseries.

But as soon as each attempt of adapting the novel into a film gets closer into production, something always goes wrong.

The movie was supposed to film in the summer of 2015 but unfortunately, director Cary Fukunaga dropped out of directing the film and production on the film was stalled, but now the movie will be directed by Mama's Andres Muschietti.

The only announced cast member was Will Poulter who was going to be playing Pennywise, I was happy with this casting because Will is a very good actor and I think he would be suitable for the part.

I now show you my Fan Cast for who I think should play Pennywise, and the Losers Club.


The reason I think Will Poulter should be kept on as Pennywise because the original Director Cary Fukunaga obviously saw something in him as Pennywise and it would be wrong for the Studio to pick another actor when we didn't even get to see what Cary saw who his Eyes, cause who said that Pennywise has to be played by someone in his late 30's or his 40's because Pennywise could look like anybody. Plus the original Pennywise actor Tim Curry gave his approval to Will wishing him 'good luck' and saying that the role of Pennywise is a 'wonderful part'.

So Will would be the perfect actor to pick as Pennywise.


This choice was actually the first that came into my mind, I am a huge fan of Morgan and she has been in very interesting films like X-men and 2012, and she would be perfect as the part as Beverly Marsh, she is an emotional actress and would definitely kill it as the part.


I may get a lot of hate for this, but if anyone can play the part, I think Jaden would be perfect for the role of Mike Hanlon.

He's a good actor, he's Will Smith's son and he's been in some very good movies and that's why he would be perfect as the part.

  • Atticus Shaffer as Eddie Kaspbrak

Another role I think would be controversial, but to me Atticus Shaffer would be perfect as Eddie, he's got the looks, the voice, the talent, and the right size too.


Now I know this casting is perfect, Asa is a very talented Actor, and like Morgan he's emotional, he was close to winning the part of Spider-Man before Tom Holland took over so he's got to be good.

That's my dream cast so far, please stick around and follow when I've thought of more members of the losers club for Part 2. If you have any ideas feel free to comment below.


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