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On February 28, 2016, the entertainment world experienced the end of an era when acting icon Leonardo Dicaprio won an Oscar for the first time in his thirty year career. And even though there was a mass genocide of every internet meme making fun of Leo's life before he won an Oscar, that also allowed for the internet to come up with new creations to celebrate the long awaited win. Fan Artist Isaiah Stephens, famous for his Disney pop culture mash-ups, was commissioned by Cosmopolitan to celebrate Leo by mashing up some of his most influential roles in cinema. Check some out of his pieces below:

Tarzan's Gift with Animals Doesn't Work with Bears in The Revenant

Jazzy Jasmine is the Apple of Aladdin's Eye in The Great Gatsby

Tempting Tiana Taunts Naveen in The Wolf of Wall Street

Pocahontas Truly Experiences the Colors of the Wind in Titanic

Check Out The Full Collection on Cosmopolitan and on Isaiah Stephens' Facebook


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