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We are just days away from Daredevil Season 2. The first season was absolutely phenomenal and this season looks to be even better than the last. The addition of sexy Greek ninja assassin Elektra is sure to turn some heads (as she chops them off). But what has me more excited than anything is the addition of one of my favorite Marvel heroes, Frank Castle a.k.a. The Punisher.

So before you go in blind, your humble writer has given you five Punisher stories you will love.

1. 'Punisher Born'

Forget about what you've heard about Frank Castle becoming the Punisher the day his family was murdered during a picnic. That was just a symptom of a disease he acquired during the Vietnam War. Everything you need to know about how Frank Castle became the vigilante he is today is right here.

Why this story? Like I stated earlier, this is the real origin of the Punisher. But beyond that, the reader gets a visual of what happened to Frank Castle during the war. Was he always a cold and heartless killing machine? Did he care about anything other than war? All of your answers await you in this story.

2. 'Up is Down and Black is White'

This scene leads to a great moment for them bot
This scene leads to a great moment for them bot

No matter how calm we are, we all have that one thing that will set us off. The Punisher is seemingly emotionless, so he should be exempt, right? Wrong. Nicky Cavella found that trigger and planned on using it to draw out the Punisher to assassinate him. What does Nicky do? He digs up the Punisher's family, films himself peeing on their bones, and mails the video to the news. Yeah, that'll do it.

Why this story? Even when the Punisher is being bold and brash, it is still extremely calculated. It's a fun ride seeing what the Punisher would do if he really just went in on a killing spree. This is also the arc where Punisher finds his true soulmate; a woman just as messed up and psychotic as he is.

3. 'Mother Russia'

well, when you need a crazy job done right...
well, when you need a crazy job done right...

A deadly virus is in danger of being put in the wrong hands. According to the U.S. government, that is the hands of anyone except the American Government. Nick Fury is put in charge of getting the virus and calls on the one person he knows can get the job done discretely. Frank Castle.

Why this story? This is Punisher at his absolute best. He went in with a plan and when that plan went south, he created another one. If you ever wanted to see the Punisher's true skill set, it's in this book right here.

4. 'Barracuda'

Forget any person the Punisher has ever fought. Barracuda was the Punisher's greatest challenge. So tough that even getting stabbed in the eye and losing his fingers during a fight didn't stop him. They may have grown up in different neighborhoods and under different circumstances, but they acquired the same skills.

Why this story? No one matches up with Punisher like Barracuda. A rivalry for the ages. 'Nuff said.

5. 'First to Last'

Castle's last story. It gets real deep in the end.
Castle's last story. It gets real deep in the end.

This trade paper back shows the Punisher as a kid learning what real predators are. Book 2 is the Punisher in jail. How does someone so careful get caught? It's easy when they want to. The final story is Punisher The End. It's the end of the world after a nuclear holocaust. But even after the world ends, their are people who need punishing.

Why this story: This book has a beginning, a middle, and an end. A full story of Frank Castle's life in three stories and one book. The perfect book for someone who doesn't want to buy more than one book but still wants to know who Frank Castle really is.

Thanks for reading. What are your favorite Punisher stories? Let me know in the comments.


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