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More than just a good director, Quentin Tarantino is the icon of a generation. American independent cinema was never the same after Pulp Fiction back in 1994, which took the Palm D'or in Cannes and nothing less than 7 Academy Award nominations, including best picture, best director and best screenplay (awarded with the Oscar). And that was only Tarantino's third work on features. Two years earlier, Reservoir Dogs was called as "The Greatest Independent Film of All Time" by Empire Magazine.

Hated by some and loved by many, Tarantino's movies are always a rich cinematographic experience. His scripts are often non-linear stories, satirical subject matter and full of pop references. But how far could he go on pop experiments? Would he ever direct a huge superhero movie? One of the newest YouTube mashup channels, Darth Blender, gave it a try! The Avengers characters are shown as the director's last work, The Hateful Eight. And the result is just amazing!

This works surprisingly well. With our new lineup of Hateful Avengers, we have the following:

Samuel L. Jackson is 'The Body Hunter'

'The Hangman' Chris Hemworth (Thor)

'The Confederate' Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye)

'The Sheriff' Chris Evans (Captain America)

'The Mexican' Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man)

'The Little Man' Mark Ruffalo (Hulk)

'The Cow Puncher' Sam Wilson (Falcon)

'The Prisoner' Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow)

The hilarious and impressive visual result of the mashup makes us cheer for Tarantino to watch it! Who said he wouldn't like the idea? Darth Blender promises a new crazy mashup every Thursday, and judging by this first one, we cannot wait to see what will be the next one!


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