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Kaitlyn Beckner

Movies based off of video games are becoming more and more popular, with titles like Assassin's Creed and World Of Warcraft coming to the big screen this year. Here are a few of my favorite games that I wish would make their big screen debuts:

1. 'BioShock'

BioShock is a first person shooter/horror game put out by Irrational Games. They had a movie in production that was originally supposed to be release in 2011, but they scrapped the whole thing. This is a game that I think could bring something really incredible to the horror movie genre. The game takes place in an underwater city called Rapture and features enemies called Splicers, which are just regular people who took too much Adam and are now mutated and wear masks — usually shaped like bunnies. BioShock would be an absolutely insane movie and it needs to happen!

2. 'DMC: Devil May Cry'

Put out by Capcom, Devil May Cry is a hack and slash game featuring the protagonist Dante. The live-action movie would be full of action, and the fights would definitely be something that would stand out from all the current movie releases. It would give a breath of fresh air to the cinema of this generation. Featuring the likes of demons and demon hunters, I think this is a film that needs to happen!

3. 'Life Is Strange'

Move over Nicholas Sparks, a Life Is Strange movie would take the number one spot for most heart-wrenching film of all time. Life Is Strange is a video game that follows a photography student, Max, on her journey to save her best friend Chloe and their hometown of Arcadia Bay. Some of the twists in the video game would make for some seriously dramatic and upsetting scenes in a movie. I would give my money to this film in a heartbeat.

Movies based on video games are gaining huge recognition lately, and I would absolutely love to see these three make it to the theaters!

What video games would you like to see hit the big screen? Let me know in the comments!


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