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Supergirl has surprised viewers around the globe with her high-flying television series. With a well thought out plot, great character development, lots of action and plenty of DC cameos for fans, it has left few dissatisfied.

However the biggest question fans are asking is who is her true love interest? The young heroine has had plenty pursue her and she herself has pursued more than one. With her confession to James in the latest episode, has the question finally been answered? Perhaps not. Let us have a look back at who has caught the attention of our Kryptonian heroine and consider all the possibilities.

1. Winslow "Winn" Schott, Jr.

Jeremy Jordan as Winslow "Winn" Schott, Jr.
Jeremy Jordan as Winslow "Winn" Schott, Jr.

Winn is Supergirl's best friend at CatCo and was the first person she revealed her Supergirl secret to. Their relationship has been that of best friends, however Winn has had feelings for Kara for a long time, even before he knew who and what she was. When his deranged father Toyman escaped from prison, Winn admitted some dark secrets to Kara and even went in for a kiss.

As to be expected this did not work to his advantage, poor guy, it is so hard to get out of the "friend zone." Kara and Winn were unsure what to do to get past their predicament and he even told her he needed time away from her to give him time to get over it. However, all has not been too sad for Winn as he has recently been getting it on with Cat Grant's newest assistant Siobhan, but that itself may be destined to hurt him further given who Siobhan is destined to become. While he and Supergirl have repaired their friendship it is safe to say Winn is out of the running for being the one to steal Supergirl's heart.

2. Adam Foster

Blake Jenner as Adam Foster
Blake Jenner as Adam Foster

What is cool about Adam Foster is the fact he was played by Blake Jenner, the real-life husband of Melissa Benoist who plays Supergirl. Adam was brought into the series through Kara's meddling when she discovered her boss, Cat Grant, had an estranged son, Adam. With Kara's help the mother and son began to form a relationship, but his mother was not the only person Adam was wanting to have a relationship with.

All seemed set for Supergirl to fly into the sunset with Adam, until Kara feared those she loved may be in danger due to her heroics. This caused her to end things with Adam, hurting him and angering her boss Cat. While Adam may return in future series for the odd episode to visit his mother it is unlikely he will get it on with Kara for a second time.

3. James "Jimmy" Olsen

Mehcad Brooks as James Olsen
Mehcad Brooks as James Olsen

James is known by many as Jimmy, the best friend of Superman. However when he wanted to branch out Superman requested he go to National City to watch over his cousin Kara. Since the moment they met there has been a connection between the two and quite clearly a mutual attraction. This was not left unnoticed by Kara's adopted sister Alex.

However all came to a sudden halt when Lucy Lane, the younger sister of Lois Lane, arrived on the scene. Lucy is James's long-term girlfriend, who arrives in National City to fight for her man and even joins the team at CatCo. However James and Kara's chemistry continued to mount and eventually led to Lucy leaving James. In the latest episode of Supergirl, Kara confessed to James but he stopped her before she finished telling him her true feelings, as he needs time. Seems the guys on this show all need time. So does this mean the pair will finally get together before the end of the series, it is possible as they could be saving it for the series finale.

4. Alex Danvers

Chyler Leigh as Alex Danvers
Chyler Leigh as Alex Danvers

Now some may be asking "Why is Alex included in an article discussing Supergirl's love interests for the series?" Well the simple reason is because Disney re-wrote what a focal love story can be with the movie Frozen. Frozen as many will be aware, features a pair of sisters, one of which is going through some interesting issues, only to be saved due to her feelings of true love for sister. Did that outline of Frozen sound familiar? The show has witnessed many male suitors appear as potential love interests for the main character. However the relationship she has with her sister has proven to be a fundamental aspect of the show's success.

While they are technically adopted, the pair clearly are a massive part of each others lives. If Alex wasn't on the plane set to crash in the first episode that caused Kara to go into action, there wouldn't even be a Supergirl in National City. We have seen the pair help each other out both in the field protecting the world and get through some truly emotional times. The ultimate test of their bond was when Alex made a confession that could have destroyed everything they have built between them throughout their lives.

It is actually hard to think how the show would even work without Alex present in the series, which is pretty impressive considering the character is an original character to the series. So this is the first time Supergirl has been portrayed with this type of bond.

So have the creators been tricking us all along? Is the true love interest aspect of the story one of the bond of sisters like Frozen or will one of the guys claim Kara? Only time will tell as the series counts down to the final episode. Who do you think is the one in Kara/Supergirl's heart? Cast your vote below.


Who do you think is the primary love interest for Supergirl?


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