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When it was announced that actor J. K. Simmons would be playing Commissioner Gordon in Justice League: Part One, many people, including myself, were kind of disappointed in the casting choice. Don't get me wrong, J. K. Simmons is a great actor, and has showed he can play a role in a superhero movie with J. Jonah Jameson, I just don't feel like Gotham's police commissioner is the right place for him in the DC Cinematic Universe. Saying that, here are 5 actors who I think would play Jim Gordon better than J. K. Simmons.

5. Tommy Lee Jones

Let's all forget for a second that Tommy Lee Jones ever played a less than popular version of Two-Face, and let's envision him as Commissioner Gordon. Even though Tommy Lee Jones may be getting up there in years, he hasn't lost his acting ability. Now that we have an older version of Batman, why not have an older version of Commissioner Gordon as well?

4. Daniel Day Lewis

Let's say that Daniel Day Lewis was offered the role, and accepted (which would be very unlikely, but his is a fan-cast, screw it); he would redefine the role of Jim Gordon. Daniel Day Lewis puts everything that he has into his acting, and into the characters that he portrays. He would be able to show the deeper, more emotional version of Commissioner Gordon; something that it hard to do. But, sadly, we can only dream.

3. Tom Selleck

Tom Selleck may not have the biggest or most prestigious acting career, but I think that he would do a good job if he were chosen for the role as Jim Gordon. He definitely has his fair share of withholding the law, and could take this experience and use it to make a great Commissioner Gordon. And who are we kidding, the mustache is spot on.

2. Gary Oldman

I know what you're thinking, "But Gary Oldman already played Jim Gordon." Yes, and that's exactly why he's on this list. He did a great job playing the character in The Dark Knight Trilogy. He already has the experience playing the role, and I think that he could have came back for Commissioner Gordon again.

1. Bryan Cranston

Who are we kidding? We all saw this one coming. Bryan Cranston is my favorite, as well as many others favorite for the role as Commissioner Gordon. He already has a huge fanbase for his role as Walter White in AMC's critically acclaimed Breaking Bad, and would gain even more if he were to play Gotham's police chief. Even if you like J. K. Simmons for the role, deep down, I think we're all a little sad Bryan Cranston didn't make the final cut.

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Who do you think should've played Commissioner Gordon?


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