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The movie has been speculated for so long that many never believed it would happen. However, all of those rumors were quickly shut down when earlier this year, creator Todd McFarlane announced the film and also that he would be the script writer.

All of the fans who loved Spawn in the comics and the short lived HBO animated series were thrilled. The movie in the '90s that gave Michael Jai White the coveted role of Spawn fell flat with many fans and critics. One of the differences this time around is the Spawn Reboot is slated to be rated R and of course McFarlane will be writing the story.

If that doesn't spike your interest, then perhaps knowing that the film will probably be a lot closer to the source material than ever before might! Todd McFarlane recently shared a video on Facebook saying that he was close to completing the script. Apparently it's too long at the moment, so after some cuts here and there he should be close to completing it.

I am excited about this news, but what really got to me was when he teased the script. He didn't give much away, but from what he shared I am confident this will be the Spawn movie we deserve. It wasn't anything crucial to the plot but more a character who is a big deal in the Spawn-verse, and that's Twitch!

If you're not familiar with the characters of Sam and Twitch, then I might suggest you go back and revisit Spawn. They are the detective duo that butt heads with Spawn but at the end of it all see eye to eye. We weren't treated to seeing the duo in the 1997 film and that was one of the major complaints from fans.

It's amazing to see that we will finally get an adaptation with these two. Of course we did not see Sam in the script but if Twitch is there than Sam must be as well! I for one cannot wait till we start hearing more about the film and the possible castings as well. You can say that I have boarded the hype train on this Spawn remake!

Are you excited to see Twitch (and maybe Sam) in the 'Spawn' reboot?


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