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**Spoiler Alert: Make sure you have watched up to Season 1 Episode 16 before reading this article.**

Last night's episode of Supergirl showed us a few things about Supergirl and how she is truly feeling. As we know from the days of Smallville, red kryptonite essentially shows every inner feeling. In last night's episode, we learned who created red kryptonite and what it can do to Supergirl!

Even more so, we may have witnessed the final reveal on who Supergirl is to...Cat Grant!

How does she know?

Over the course of the season, Cat Grant has pondered, who is Supergirl? We had the opportunity to watch her get really close and then be confused and pushed away by the Martian Manhunter.

However, after a stunning battle and Supergirl finally under control, Martian Manhunter has now been outed and with that, Cat Grant may become curious again.

With Hank Henshaw (aka Martian Manhunter) behind bars, we have to ask ourselves, what does this mean for Supergirl? Many people have the Martian Manhunter changing back to Hank Henshaw on their phones. It will be plastered everywhere by CatCo and without a doubt, Cat Grant will be suspicious.

We have that faithful scene between Cat and Kara where Kara takes her glasses off. The entire ninth episode of season 1 shows us all the evidence!

What do you think? Will Cat Grant call her out in the next episode? How will the Flash factor in? Will he help Kara keep her secret once more?


Will Cat Grant figure out for sure that Kara is Supergirl?


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