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Halfway through round one, we’ve got another sixteen fighters ready to throw down in this third quadrant of Superhero March Madness.

1. Silver Surfer vs. 16. Jessica Jones

At least Jessica can say she has a better live action adaptation. But in a fight, this one’s about as close as their seeds would suggest. Mild super-strength and an impressive leap won’t do much against one of the most powerful cosmic beings in the universe. The Silver Surfer wins this one by an infinite margin, although given his beliefs he probably feels bad about it.

8. Spider-Man vs. 9. Starfire

The Spider Sense is one of the more underrated powers in Marvel’s universe. In Star Wars, light sabers are obviously awesome but any wise fans know they’d much rather have the force. Similarly, web slinging is up there in the awesome category but the Spider Sense is what really makes you dangerous. Even superior hand-to-hand combatants don’t stand a chance against this power coupled with Spidey’s maxed out agility and evasiveness. Now, I would ask anyone reading to bear with me as I take out Marvel’s most famous character of all time using a C-list character from the rival company. Starfire has way too much firepower for a character of Spider-Man’s nature. He can dance around all day, and packs more of a punch than he’s given credit for, but Starfire’s power is otherworldly. Her flight provides a greater mobility than Parker’s maneuvers. While he would dodge a majority of her attacks, Spidey also has nothing substantial to hit back with and would eventually take one to the chin. Starfire puts an end to the Marvel poster boy. Most recent Starfire pictures set women back about thirty years, so I'll go with this cool one from Teen Titans.

5. Captain Marvel vs. 12. Hawkgirl

A swing from Hawkgirl’s mace or various weaponry feels a lot like a love tap from Thor’s hammer, meaning it’s extremely painful. On top of possessing her powerful Nth metal, Kendra Saunders knows how to use it. If she were to land a few good shots, heroes above and beyond Captain Marvel’s power would fall at her feet. But the artist formerly known as Ms. Marvel isn’t exactly one who would let that happen. In terms of pure strength, Carol Danvers is stronger. She’s also significantly faster, and can fight from much further away. She would likely evade every mighty swing before eventually wearing Hawkgirl down and overwhelming her in the air.

4. Scarlet Witch vs. 13. Moon Knight

Everyone says Iron Man’s Civil War team has a distinct edge because of Vision. I’m glad this latest trailer demonstrated how his eventual love interest is just as overpowered as he is. Scarlet Witch is capable of psychic feats matched by few in either comic universe. She just so happened to pull one of the worst possible matchups on this table. Moon Knight, in addition to being one of my favorite Marvel heroes of all time, brings a very convenient resistance against all psychic attacks into this battle. I desperately want to see Moon Knight in the Netflix corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, maybe introduced alongside Iron Fist somehow. But I can guarantee the absence of bias here. Scarlet Witch is exceptional, but is ultimately useless in this fight. Moon Knight’s schizophrenia and multiple personalities make him impossible to possess or influence in any way. He would’ve ended Jessica Jones’ first season in about ten minutes. Maybe Wanda can throw a few things at him, but his combat prowess would soon win this fight.

6. Wolverine vs. 11. Gambit

Let’s all take a moment to forget the last time these two fought. Wolverine is the most ferocious hero in existence, while Gambit may be the smoothest. The banter here would be very enjoyable. I could actually see Gambit controlling much of this fight, acting as a matador would around a bull. But whoever puts Wolverine down is going to have to learn how to keep him down, and Gambit will not be able to do that. Logan is relentless, and would eventually take a piece out of the Ragin’ Cajun. And once Remy went down, it’d be over. Wolverine would tear him apart.

3. Doctor Strange vs. 14. Elektra

While we’re all taking moments, let’s take another to thank Marvel for not overthinking this and getting Benedict Cumberbatch to play the Sorcerer Supreme. And I have very high hopes for Elektra on Daredevil’s second season. There’s a debate over whether or not there’s any existing hero who can defeat Doctor Strange, even though he’s rarely on the shortlist of online “most powerful superhero” countdowns. If there is someone who can, it’s not Elektra. She may be one of the deadlier assassin’s in the Marvel Universe, but that’s pretty irrelevant against the most prolific magic-wielder in either of the universes represented here. Dr. Strange’s more recent stories had to dumb down his power just to make things even somewhat interesting, but that doesn’t change the true nature of the character. Strange moves on to the second round easily.

7. Batman vs. 10. Thing

I’ll say this again; the Batman Clause is in effect. This means both fighters knew whom they were facing beforehand. The Thing is almost as durable as it gets as far as our heroes are concerned. If he gets his hands on Bats, it’s over. But he won’t even see him, let alone grab him for any clobberin’. Batman has both explosive and restraining gadgets capable of limiting what the Thing can do. He can then armor up and win a boxing match, using the Batmobile for some high-powered backup. Batman has taken on and beaten much tougher enemies than Ben Grimm. He’d play it smart and win this one without too many problems.

2. Wonder Woman vs. 15. The Atom

The Atom has a nifty set of Ant-Man style abilities. “But The Atom came first!” Fine. The Atom has a nifty set of abilities that allow him to manipulate his own size and density. The Arrow/Flash/Legends of Tomorrow Ray Palmer has several shades of Iron Man as well, making The Atom an all around science genius and technology-based hero. While he draws many natural similarities to those two Marvel heroes, his full potential doesn’t seem to match either of them. Wonder Woman, on the other hand, is one of the most well rounded heroes in existence. She has virtually zero weaknesses, experience both as a warrior and as a leader, as well as an abundance of strength and skill. It may take a while to find him, but the Amazon eventually stomps out The Atom.

24 of our 32 victors have been determined as we move closer to the second round. Next time, we’ll go through the last corner of the bracket and pick out eight more winners.

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