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For these ships, no amount of rough or turbulent waters can keep them apart.

Thor knows.
Thor knows.

The life of a shipper is one of grief, angst, torture, and devastation. Shippers must sail their ships ever so valiantly and dutifully, no matter the storms that lie ahead, keeping them steady and on course. Seriously, it's rough work being this invested in fictional TV relationships, but with no captains, ships would sink, and we shippers simply can't let that happen.

The best couple in Tangled
The best couple in Tangled

The relationships between loved characters on TV has always been a point of fixation for fans. The "will they or won't they" is like a drug and shippers, like myself, simply can't get enough. It's a rough life and it's not for everyone, but for the ones that stick with it, the satisfaction of seeing your ship sail feels like winning the Superbowl.

Me when Richonne became a thing
Me when Richonne became a thing

As a shipper, we tend to ignore the impossible. Nothing can sink our ships, no matter how hard the haters try.

Don't ruin my Emma and Hook vibe
Don't ruin my Emma and Hook vibe

And in the end, when our beloved pairings are happy (preferably married with babies) and riding off into the sunset, we know our job is done, and we can die happy.

That'll do shippers, that'll do.

So who are the hottest ships giving us life on TV right now?

***In no particular order***

1. Olicity (Arrow, CW) - Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak

Olicity shippers rejoice
Olicity shippers rejoice

The Santa Maria of all ships. Arrow's Felicity Smoak and Oliver Queen have been setting our hearts on fire ever since they first laid eyes on each other in Season 1. As The CW Arrow's go-to IT girl, Felicity was tasked by Oliver to repair a suspiciously damaged laptop. Now, here we are, Season 4, and engaged!

Well, were. Recent events on the show have put the engagement on hold, but not to fear shippers, these two have one of the most realistic and healthy relationships on TV, and they ALWAYS take the path that leads them back together. He calls her his light, and that, my friends, is how you spell "end game."

2. Richonne (The Walking Dead, AMC) - Rick Grimes and Michonne

Richonne finally happened in Season 6
Richonne finally happened in Season 6

Unless you've been living under a rock, this ship should be a second language to you. For six seasons now, Michonne and Rick have been a team, and survived the unimaginable. They have both loved and lost more than they care to admit, but share an ability to lead and protect.

Rick and Michonne as Alexandria's constables
Rick and Michonne as Alexandria's constables

Together, they have endured so much, so the only thing weird about them is HOW IT DIDN'T HAPPEN SOONER! Fans have been onto it for awhile, and thank the apocalypse these two finally caught up... in bed.

3. Captain Swan (Once Upon A Time, ABC) - Emma Swan and Captain Hook

Once Upon a Time fans finally got this
Once Upon a Time fans finally got this

It's the Disney movie you never knew you needed! (Hot) Captain Hook and the savior of the fairy-tale land he once tormented. Once Upon a Time fans waited seasons for just a single kiss, much less an "I Love You", only to have the latter destroyed by each becoming The Dark One, and subsequently one of their (semi-permanent) deaths.

This story isn't over yet, though, because in the very words of Captain Swan themselves, "I will always find you," and after Emma's decent into the underworld to rescue her beau, find him she did, and as of right now, the pair are getting their happily ever after.

4. Malec (Shadowhunters, Freeform) - Alec Lightwood and Magnus Bane

The magic between these two is undeniable, hot as heck, and angst-y AF! Alec has yet to fully understand who he is and accept what he wants, while Magnus patiently refuses to give up on his feelings, all in between a battle of good and evil!

The angel falls in love with the warlock, it's like the underworld Shakespearean play we never knew we wanted! These two have been heating up, and a certain wedding is about to change everything. Malec is end game.

5. Jamie and Claire (Outlander, Starz)

This ship is not for the weak at heart. Jamie and Claire have endured some serious physical and emotional damage to get where they are today. Season one was a rough one to our beloved ship.

Now, married and expecting, the most sensual couple on television is due for a little happiness, so come on Outlander Season 2, can we give Jamie and Claire a little break? Preferably in bed ;-)

6. Jeller (Blindspot, NBC) - Jane Doe and Kurt Weller

It's The Notebook meets The Bourne Identity! Jane Doe, a women without an identity, and some mad ninja skills, and Kurt Weller, the hot romantic guy who's name is spelled out in an oddly placed tattoo on Jane Doe's neck. His first love, he remembers, while she can't. Together, they begin to sort through her mysterious past as the clock ticks, until, her unknown past threatens the only person she is sure she loves, Kurt.

To protect him, she must pull away, but at what cost? Sound like the most awesome romance novel in the world? It's not. It's actually the best new show of the season, Blindspot with the ship that will eat your soul alive.

7. Nick and Jess (New Girl, Fox)

Will they or won't they? Well, they did, but then they didn't, but we still believe eventually they will again. As shippers, we must believe in destiny, divine intervention! Jess is the fire to his ice, the ying to his yang, the educated to his needs-to-go-back-to-highschool!

Jess and Nick may be apart and OK with it for now, but literally EVERY scene they have together is fire, and you can only deny the inevitable for so long, and smart showrunners know that.

8. Westallen (The Flash, CW) - Barry Allen and Iris West

As clear with many Comic canon relationships on TV, it doesn't always work. In season one of The CW's The Flash, I may have said just as much about Iris West and Barry Allen, the iconic soulmates of DC's hit comic series, but man has it changed!

Season 2 of The Flash brought us the Iris and Barry heat we deserve, and while they may not be an item beyond Earth 2 just yet, there is NO denying they are a beautiful fate. They have been soulmates since childhood! Right now, Iris seems to be on the verge of entering another relationship, while Barry just ended his, so for Westallen, we must be patient, cause they are worth the wait!

9. Bellarke (The 100, CW) - Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin

Bellarke is destiny, it's not a matter of 'if', but 'when'. Clarke and Bellamy of The 100 have gone from mortal enemies to co-leaders of a revolution. They are the Han Solo and Princess Leia of The 100. Clarke and Bellamy have worked together to keep their people safe and each-other sane, all while making us melt with a single glance.

Both have given their hearts to others throughout the show's first three seasons, but there is no denying each has strong feelings for each other (and sizzling chemistry), they just don't know what to do with them yet. When they finally figure it out, Bellarke may just take over the world, because they already have our hearts.

10. Karolsen (Supergirl, CBS) - Kara Danvers and Jimmy Olsen

These two just can't catch a break! Supergirl, Kara Danvers, has been googly eyed over Jimmy since their eyes first met, but he always seems to have something else going on. Whether it's an ex in town or Kara is high on red Kryptonite, forces seem to be keeping them apart while their hearts reach to pull them closer.

James loves that Kara is a strong, independent woman, and isn't threatened by the fact she can lift considerably more than he can. Having just shared their first kiss, the future is looking brighter for these two. We'll just have to cross our fingers, lord knows Supergirl has plenty of seasons to come, and therein lies more Karolsen!

11. Stydia (Teen Wolf, MTV) - Stiles Stilinski and Lydia Martin

It's the classic tale of the Beauty and the Beast: Popular beauty banshee meets goofy outcast. Stiles has been sweet on Lydia for years, even before Lydia's abilities manifested and humbled her into the brave girl fans (and Stiles) adore. Stydia advocates have been waiting six seasons for these two to finally accept that they are meant for each other, but as of now, only have a few hand touches and longing looks to hold onto.

Heat literally radiates off Stiles and Lydia when they are together, and it seems the showrunners aren't as ignorant to it as they seem. Creator Jeff Davis gave interviews after the Season 6 finale, hinting that Season 7 would be the season of Stydia, and fan's 6-year angst will not have been in vein! STYDIA WILL RISE!

12. Karedevil (Daredevil, Netflix) - Karen Page and Matt Murdock

Daredevil Season 2 just hit Netflix and I've already watched it all the way through twice. How, you say? Because Matt Murdock and Karen Page's insatiable need for each other gives me life! In a passionate make-out session in the rain, Matt and Karen finally gave into harbored feelings and lost themselves in each other. Fans around the world collectively melted as Daredevil and Karen Page fell in love, and made shippers dreams come true.

Things, however, were pretty rocky from there, and the season ended on a major cliffhanger that left Karedevil in limbo. Can Matt and Karen make it work in Season 3? Who knows, though Daredevil himself, Charlie Cox, has been very vocal about Karen being Daredevil's one true love, so what he's saying is we have a chance!

13. Fitzsimmons (Agents of Shield, ABC) - Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons

Agents of Shield has single-handedly sunk many of their own ships, but they wouldn't dare touch Fitzsimmons. These adorably sweet and quirky nerds have been fighting their way to each other since the show first aired, but literally everything that can go wrong always does, and forces them apart. After Simmons was marooned on a Alien planet, Fitz jumped through space to save her.

They have professed their feelings for each other, are clearly perfect for one another and have already lip-locked, so why aren't they together? You're guess is as good as mine. It's seriously the most painful question of all time. Please AOS, just let these sweet puppies be happy together. Thanks.

Is it hot in here, or is it just these ships? Each ship has it's own unique relationship, and resonate with so many viewers for a reason. There is no telling where these ships are headed, but we shippers live for the unknown! After all, nothing worthwhile comes easy! Get it now? We shippers enjoy pain, because the end result makes it all worth it!


What's your favorite ship?


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