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I wrote a book based on the x-files and it is my guess that 1 day I will get it publish. I hope it is okay with other authors that I wrote it along with chris carter and fox television if they want to see it I will post my chapters 1 by 1 on here until they look at it.

Chapter 1

On a one summers day in the afternoon two agents were sitting at their desk with nothing to do but kill time until they had a case to solve. Special Agent Mulder was sitting at his desk when he received a phone call today. Mulder was speaking with someone who told him a story concerning things that he saw and heard that no one would ever believe. This man that called the FBI headquarters wanted agent Fox Mulder to meet with him in a place where there are lots of people, so nothing can happen to him. If something would happen to him he would be useless to the agents afterwards, they both agreed to meet at a little Irish café called " The Lucky Charm" it is a small building at the corner of 22 Maple Street. Agent Mulder along side his partner could not spot the man at first but he looked around for a few minutes to locate him in the café. Mulder and Scully started walking toward the man to speak with him when suddenly someone grabbed his arm and pulled him hard, he turned and noticed a women and she said "Excuse me aren't you Agent Fox Mulder who came down to the high school and talked about drugs and unusual things that can happen", then in returned he politely said," Of course I am but will you excuse me I have to go speak with this man over there about something but thank you for recognizing me from the school". Mulder continued walking with Scully side by side until the reach the table where the man was sitting who had information for them on cases that they both worked on in the past. This guy stood up but he was not at all what Scully and Mulder pictured him to be. He said " Hello my name is Tony Russ thank god you came has fast as you did", Tony reached out his hand and shook Mulder and Scully hands very firmly. Mulder said " Why weren't you sure we would show up? And what kind of things that you witness last night in the forest while you were camping with your family?" All the man could do was point to a car right outside where two men seem to be very discreet and who were always looking towards the direction of the café where they were all sitting. Then he said," You know that car it's been there since I go to the café. It has been following me all around town today and it is because I have found something on one of the thousand of cases you two agents have worked on before. I am scared for my life because the car is unmarked, has been sitting out there ever since I got here and that dammed car has not moved an inch". A waitress with blond hair with a red apron came over to the table to take the order of the agents and the over paranoid man sitting in the corner beside them. Once the order was taken, the waitress returned to the kitchen with it to the cook. Mulder and Scully talked to the man for hours until dark. When the night fell down over the city Mulder thought it was time to drive Scully to make sure she got there home safely after they ended their conversation with Mr. Russ. The following day Scully had the feeling of wanting to go visit her father grave site, she had bought flowers before arriving at the tombstone. Upon arriving in the cemetery to find her father grave she kneeled down to rest the roses that she had purchased and to say a few loving words of prayer for him along with putting some delicate daisy besides her sister tombs as well as saying a few loving words. Mulder was sitting patiently inside the car because he knew all to well what it was like to lose a family member while listening to a rock and roll music coming from the radio while his partner was paying her respect to her family members that are no longer with her. They agents new the nest step they had to take it would have to be to go look Mr. Russ they were speaking with late last night, upon arrival to the rendez-vous point they noticed a police car, a coroner car and paramedic and Mulder just looked at Scully that's when they both knew that he was murdered and was dump in a part of town that has a strip mall with a bar hotel but Mulder thought that it was very odd to find him there. While Mulder was pondering this question Scully took the opportunity to ask the police offer in charge what had happened and he replied " By the injuries we have observed and the way he received them looked a lot like suicide to the rest of us cops". In return Scully looks puzzled and decided to ask " Do you mind if I go with the coroner and do an autopsy while my partner does his own investigation along with talking with any witness if there are any". Scully got a ride with the coroner officer to perform the autopsy, it took an hour and half for Scully to do what she does best. Catching up with Mulder at a little bar around the corner from her place called " Blue shadow" both agents started to talk about the government cases they have worked on before and the current ones. Mulder ordered a drink to think and then said" Scully I found no proof that he killed himself and what did you find out when you performed the autopsy?" Scully spoke up and replied" Mulder what I found out was that his lungs were punctured by something sharp and it clearly shows someone did killed him. I was also observing his mid section to be more precise he wrote the name of the killer on his stomach, I could not make sense of it earlier but it is now clear to me who the killer is and you're never going to believe who the killer is". Has the minutes went by Mulder opened his mouth and said "Let me guess, his wife and when the police said her husband was dead she did not even look surprised that he was gone but looked more like she already knew." In a few minutes of looking at Mulder, she took a deep breath and said," Your right that's exactly what he wrote on his stomach was his wife's name." Both agents Mulder and Scully left the crimes scene and headed home and a few days have passed by and they could not locate the man wife, she has disappeared without a trace. Mulder had imagines in his mind and he knew that he was going to find the women dead or alive someday, somewhere and the government was involve along with the fact that he can't prove it yet. On a breezy, windy day afternoon Scully had decided to call Mulder she was afraid of finding the out truth about this whole situations and it is not what he thinks it is and she would have to explain why it can't go his way gain this time. Scully had an idea to meet Mulder to discuss about the man who came to see them. In each case they had the government was always an issue with them, Scully had her ideas about each case in which Mulder had his own theories too but Mulder knew deep down inside that he knew Scully respected the journey they were on, in his mind Scully was his touchstone and she was his. They had their disagreement with each other but they knew clearly that they were happy with one other no matter how bad the situation was they would clearly be together has friends. The following day Assistant Director Walter Skinner had called them in his office, the agents knocked on the directors door when they entered he made a gesture for them to sit down and he started to speak" Agent Mulder and Agent Scully will you please take a sit", Mulder and Scully sat down in the chairs where their boss gestured for them to do. Agent Mulder said" Skinner what can we do for you, what is the problem now". Skinner took his own chair and answered" Well agent Mulder that is a very good question, the first thing you can do is leave me your gun and badge you are suspended until further noticed and exit the building by the front entrance." Then Scully cut in and spoke up," I don't want to offend you Sir but what the hell for, what has he done now to deserve this". Skinner was looking around his office with a few moments of silence and said" That is none of your concern as this moment agent Scully". At this point in the day in her bosses office she was livid at her boss because he just put Mulder on suspension leave for no darn reason an she was going to find out why. As Mulder was looking around to find out why and replied to his boss" Skinner what if i refused to give my badge, gun and are you going to arrest me for it". Skinner just nodded his perfectly bald head and said" well yes, you have the right to remain silent , you have the right to an attorney if you can't afford one, one will be provided for you, do you understand the rights that I've just told you". Both agents were looking at each other and all Mulder could not believe his eyes, all he did was nod his said to assistant Skinner, he did understand. Scully was livid that she took out her gun and took her own partner hostage and she said" Skinner you better let us go because if you don't I'm going to start hurting people", he was surprise at her action because Scully is usually the level headed one but this time she turned on me and Skinner was not moved by her actions. As they agents looked at each other Mulder spoke up" Scully what the hell are you doing and you know there might be trouble for this little coo". She replied to Mulder," Of course I know but Mulder you took the same risks has me and got into dangerous spots before now and well it's my turn to take the risks even if this means I lose my job in the process, do you understand Skinner". Skinner was thinking and just nodded his head and let them go in piece on their way.


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