ByRobal Der Son, writer at

So the event series is over, and it went out with a bang! Let's get it out of the way, the negative for me was the cliffhanger. I kinda wanted a clean close incase we don't get treated to any more eps....but hey ho, we can't have everything.

The best part for me? Agents Einstien and Miller. Now I know this may be slightly unpopular but hear me out!

The X Files have tried to shoehorn two agents previously in the form of Doggett and Reyes, and let's face it, whilst they filled a Mulder shaped hole they were pretty non consequential and dare I say wooden? I know they revered the sceptic/believer roles but really? They were less than interesting....for me anyway.

Einstien and Miller really feel oldschool X Files in their intrenched views, almost a total reboot of theological duo we love.

I've always get that the X files got muddies when Scully became a 'believer' and the sexual tension between her and Mulder became realised after the original movie. Here we have a complete reset to the good ole days.

Whilst I hope that Mulder and Scully remain part of the X files dialogue, I would be happy to have Einstien and Miller take a more prominent role to explore more modern day taboos and mysteries. Here's hoping!


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