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My name is Nigette M. Spikes. I am an author and I wrote Dictionary of Torture. You can find it as an e-book or order a copy from,, and I am currently working on my next book Encyclopedia of Torture that will be a companion to the Dictionary. I am still writing it. Pinterest and Tumblr can both be very distracting. After I do my Encyclopedia I will focus on fiction. St. Patrick's Day is coming up. Yes, I'm part Irish, but I'm also a bunch of other stuff: Scottish, German, British, Norwegian, Cherokee, and Italian. I live with three collie dogs. They're very Scottish. One of them looks EXACTLY like Lassie. Their grandfather played Lassie in a movie about ten years ago. I recently got some episodes of Lassie's old TV show on DVD, but I haven't watched them yet. I will watch a good movie of any genre except for rom-com or campy comedy (I'm aromantic, meaning no romantic drive whatsoever). I prefer my comedies slapstick, but horror movies are my down right favorite. Saw is my favoritest movie of all time. My other favorite genres are sci-fi and fantasy. I'm wearing Star Wars leggings right now. My tastes in music is just as eclectic: heavy metal, gangsta rap, pop music. I belly dance so I listen to a bit of world music. I play the piano so I've learned to enjoy classical. The only music I will NOT listen to are opera and hard core country. Pop country like Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood are ok. Nine Inch Nails is my favorite band, Eminem my favorite solo artist, and Tchaikovsky my favorite classical composer. I also love anime. As a kid I devoured Pokémon like nothing else mattered. Since then my tastes have matured into Black Butler and Rosario Vampire. I read Fairy Tail manga books. I'm interested in Death Note, but I can't allow for too many distractions right now. Otherwise I'll never finish my book! That being said, I will try to post something at least once a week, but I can't guarantee that. All I can promise to do is try.


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