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As the title states, I'll only be reviewing the first two episodes in this post, and later I'll review the next two from Determination.

This will be a spoiler free review, for those who haven't seen the film yet, so don't worry if you haven't seen the film!

So episode one begins with the Digidestined and Meikoo having a trip to a bath house/sauna for some down town with their Digimon. The two agents (whose names I can't remember) go along too and chill with the sauna (a bit odd, but okay).

It's a bit of a filler but not an unwanted one, as it creates more dynamic and character between the digidestined and their digimon. A nice callback to the original Adventure series, when they would have their evenings talking to one another about different things.

Of course, all is not peaceful, as in the digital world, we see some bad events go down by a familiar infected Digimon, however, while the twist isn't so much which Digimon is doing the attacking, it's moreso who's in distant watching. If you've seen the trailers, you'll know who I'm talking about, and you'll be confused and hyped at the same time.

So after some more events go down, we're into the second episode and we have Mimi and Meiko in class suggest an american styled maid cafe. This causes the rest of the classmates to find it a bit too upfront, though it inspires Meiko that Mimi is confident and speaks her mind rather than be quiet.

We eventually get the infected Digimon return to the real world! Tai and the others all make their way towards this Digimon, however, surprise surprise, Joe bails. Poor Gomamon, missing out all this interaction.

It's Mimi and Meiko versus the infected Digimon, however, this isn't the Warp Digivolving moment we've all been hyped for, so hold on another 1-2 episodes!

A battle ensues with only Mimi and Meiko which results with some consequences regarding how Digimon are viewed by the public and a momentary telling off by Izzy to Mimi, which later causes her to reflect upon her actions and personality. There's also another brief appearance by that character hyped in the trailer I mentioned before.

At this point, while the viewers are in strong disappointment of Joe, choosing his studies over being a Digidestined, we have Mimi walk by Joe and confront and speak to him. This was a nice moment in the episode as it felt like a very real friend moment. Especially between friends who haven't seen one another for quite some time. The two discuss things for a moment, while the audience sympathise with Joe's struggle of what he's expected to do, and what he wants to do and he redeems himself in the eyes of the audience. The aftertalk was quite touching though when we see his self frustration. It really lets us feel the disappointment he has towards himself for not being more honest which I felt was quite touching as most of us original fans of the series may have felt experiences similar to this and can really relate to how Joe is feeling.

All in all, I feel the first two episodes, despite being somewhat slow, were really nice. We really do get a sense of the situation these now grown up kids are in with their mysterious issue of the digital disturbances and infected Digimon. While I still feel it's odd for Tai to be uncertain over whether what the Digidestined is doing is right or not, I do feel like the worries are real. While some obvious questions are ignored at times, the episodes make up for it with it's pacing, and leaves us wanting more.

As most of us know, this episode; 'Determination', focuses on Mimi and Joe, and could imply their determination to do what they must, or what they need to. Possibly for Mimi, it is to accept who she is and do her best while keeping into consideration the feelings and safety of others while for Joe, it would be to face the reality of the situation and his position as a member of the team of Digidestined.

So I would give these episodes 7/10. A tiny bit disappointing on the lack of action, the dynamics and nice animation made up for it.

Hope you all enjoyed this!


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