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*potential spoilers ahead for BvS!!!*

So I have no idea where I heard/read this, and Google has no clue either, because it's not finding me ANYthing. I'm pretty sure it was an article quoting a reddit user, saying he saw an advanced screening of BvS, and he let some pretty awesome spoilers go. Nothing so big it ruins the movie, like telling us who wins in the “vs” part, but still pretty big.

In Smallville (MAN I miss that show!), Lex starts looks like this as a young lad:

That is, until Kal-El comes crashing to earth, along with some massive, radioactive meteors from Krypton. Lex is in Riley field when they hit, and after the smoke clears, Lionel finds his boy under some corn stalks, shivering and bald:

Lex eventually turns into this not-so-nice fella:

But in the show, Clark's meteor shower is the reason he's bald (and has some funky superhuman immune system).

According to this spoiler I read, Lex loses his hair in much the same way in BvS, only this time, a radioactive blast made by (or made to destroy?) Doomsday is hits Lex, and he ends up bald (and in prison, according to some earlier spoilers....where's Otis?!). I'm thinking this scene might be the blast in question:

Another small thing that reminded me of Smallville was the connection between Doomsday and Zod. In the season 8 finale, Clark buries Doomsday a mile underground to defeat him (or to defeat his story arc on the show, anyway). At the end of the episode, Zod makes his comeback. It's not really close to the same story, but it looks like Lex uses Zod's DNA to create Doomsday. Not sure how that's going to fly over with the DCU fans, but whatevs.

Davis Bloomesday?
Davis Bloomesday?


Who else is glad that this looks like Doomsday shooting at Batman with his eyeballs, rather than Superman?

Still not 100% sure, but from this sweet little mash-up of all the trailers I found on YouTube, putting them in the (maybe) chronological order of the movie, it might be!


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