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I'm a huge superhero nerd especially when it comes to batman and the batfamil
Seth Hampton

By now I'm sure we've all seen all of the civil war trailers so we all know thunderbolt Ross is in it but they haven't said anything about red hulk (ol' thunderbolts comic book alter ego) now for anyone who knows nothing about him the simplest version of his origin is banner gets captured and he hires someone to steal the blood sample that was taken he then adds something to it to make it (and his hulkish alter ego) red.

You're probably wondering how I think he should be introduced considering banner isn't captured and there's no evidence suggesting he will be captured well he does need hulk DNA to become the red hulk but if you all remember in age of ultron (minor spoiler) when hulk and iron man in the hulkbuster armor are fighting tony/iron man FREAKING KNOCKED A TOOTH OUT OF HULKS HEAD ok technically he loosened it then hulk spat it out but still tooth from hulk on ground in WIDLY televised fight where general Ross could easily go find a hulk sized tooth take the DNA add his special red stuff to it and blam red hulk and perfect tie in to age of ultron if marvel doesn't use this opportunity they set up perfectly I will be so mad please tell me what you think and try to make this spread.


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