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It's been suggested that the new Indiana Jones movie be called Indiana Jones and the Massive Apology.

Indy is sorry
Indy is sorry

I think it might have something to do with the last installment. I remember something about aliens and everyone getting really mad about that...but I was too busy loving the movie that had Indiana Freaking Jones in it!


So what might be some good ideas for #5? Here is the first one that comes to my mind.

Indiana Jones and the Rise of Atlantis

Or SOMETHING of Atlantis. Google and Wikipedia tell me there was a point and click adventure game titled Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, released by Lucasfilm in 1992.


So why not bring it back, and bring Atlantis back while they're at it? So far, Indy has discovered and lost the Holy Grail...

He's found and lost the Ark of the Covenant...

He's discovered 3 of the 5, and lost 2 of the Sankara stones...

And he found and then lost a funky crystal alien skull.

His track record for finding and keeping stuff isn't very great, so Atlantis would probably end up sinking back into the ocean again by the end of the movie, but it would be an awesome concept. And they could do it without aliens or time travel!

Here's Walt Disney's official announcement of IJ5!

Any other ideas as to what the next Indy movie could be about?


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