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(WARNING: Spoilers for 'The Walking Dead,' Episodes 9 to 13)

Back in January, AMC released the promo poster for the back half of Season 6. They were released in three sets of images (true, the last one is only a picture of Rick) and we the fans, dealing with walker withdrawal, flooded the Internet with theories of what each individual picture could mean in the episodes to come.

Now that we're heading into Episode 14, it's time to revisit the "A Larger World" poster and see what we've already been shown and once again theorize on what's to come. So here's the full version of the poster:


It's still a frigging great Easter Egg poster, in my opinion!

Below, we'll see each individual frame and pinpoint the episode they correspond to.

Walker Deanna

This was an easy one!

That necklace — which barely shows in the episode images — was a true giveaway. We knew it was coming, so although it was a somewhat emotional scene with Spencer killing his reanimated mom, it was no surprise when we spotted this on Episode 10, "The Next World."

The RV

Much speculation went on about this one.

Is it Dale's RV? Is it supposed to remind us of the past? Will they head back to Hershel's? (OK, so maybe I'm being sarcastic with this last one). Fact is, it was possibly the same RV they used back in Season 6A, during the plan to diverge the herd from the quarry. It was nice to see the gang back in an RV again (nostalgic much?), especially since they used it to get to the Hilltop in "Knots Untie."

Negan's Outpost

Quite ingenious, this one!

A radio satellite dish? A whole other level of theories were brought up based off this picture and I bet (though I haven't seen any posts on it) that no one got even close. It was simply one — yes, he has more than one — of Negan's outposts. On Talking Dead, it was mentioned that this was a decommissioned telecommunications facility, which was allegedly bought by a private investor to "search for extraterrestrial life." Aliens reference, anyone? (Just kidding.)

The Rosary

So on 'The Same Boat' we got to see that first picture rosary, though not in the same frame as the poster shows it. It seems it'll be pretty important to Carol - of all people - since in the end of that episode we see her holding on to it so hard it makes her hands bleed. Maybe she's actually going back to believing?

edit: We also have a glimpse of this rosary in the preview for the finale (6.16).

So, from the original poster, only these three images remain to be seen on the show this season. I've looked and looked for the Rick Grimes one, from Episode 9 to 13, and he's not pointed a gun like that — with that disheveled hair — in any of them. And then the questions remain:

Where's Morgan going?

What's burning?

(I reckon this one could possibly be Alexandria seen from afar on the night Daryl set fire to the pond, or even the Hilltop, but this perspective hasn't been shown. Plus, it could be a number of other things, so I'm counting that one out.)

Who's Rick aiming at?

There were two other images that ended up featuring in that poster as well. AMC didn't release these on its Instagram, but it did use them on the Facebook page.

This one featured in the premiere for the second half of the season, Episode 9, "No Way Out." Personally, based on the print, I'm fairly sure it's actually from Episode 8, "Start To Finish," when Carl is holding hands with Jesse — instead of Ron. But since the image is connected with Season 6B promotional photos, let's make a nod to it here.

We're still free to speculate on this one. Though in "The Next World" we see some walkers tied to a truck, they spring free because they're tied up with rope, not cuffs. Some people think this will be somehow Negan related, but it's too soon to bring it home, if you know what I mean (insert wink here).

No need to bet we'll see all of them until the season ends, but what kind of fans would we be if we didn't try to guess?

The next episode of 'The Walking Dead,' 'Twice As Far,' airs this Sunday, on AMC.


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