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First off, I'd like to congratulate the entire cast on a season 2. I mean, they're lucky enough to have it renewed with a lot of shows being canceled due to picky reviewers, ratings and views. But, since social media is a free world to voice your opinions, I'd like to do that.

The movie adaptation I found a little slow in some scenes and maybe dragged on for most of them, but the acting I found a whole lot better, than the T.V. remake.

Where can I begin? I'll try and start out with the good points, but if I can't find any, oh well.

#1: THE ACTING. Everyone on the show has done other projects where their characters I'm sure, were challenging or relatable. I give kudos to every single actor trying to bring these characters to life, considering what they have to work with. In my honest opinion, the only OUTSTANDING actors are Alberto Rosende (aka Simon) Dom Sherwood (aka Jace) Emeraude Toubia (aka Isabelle) Harry Ahum Jr. (aka Magnus) and Isaiah Mustafe (aka Luke). The weakest ones are of course Matthew Daddario (aka Alec) and most definitely Kat McNamara (aka Clary). But I'll get to them in just a moment. The acting is extremely flat and dull, lacking any spark of personality or realism. I know it's a Fantasy genre show but still, the characters in any story should be interesting, realistic or at least leave you amazed by their performance. It does non of that for me. None of it! Characters should make you laugh, know....feel the emotion. That's what acting is all about! It's an art form. And maybe someday, I'll try it but I don't see that happening anytime soon. And now as far as Matt and Kat's performances? Matt, just toward the very end of the season, had finally grown some strength and depth and exhibited emotion in his acting. Getting better there, Matt. Hope to see more in season 2! But now....Clary! What can I say about her character and the actress portraying her? I have nothing against the actress personally because at least she's out there, but her acting is absolutely boring, flat, emotionless, dull, inexperienced and 100% callous! True, her character is supposed to be a young girl of 18 years old, but act like one! Not some breathy, 20 year old who looks 12, with tons of makeup and Orange hair (I'm sorry, but that's not any shade of red, despite what they say). There are so many other actresses in Hollywood that I've seen on T.V that could've played that part better. Sorry, but fact-is-fact. But what lacked a real deal...was chemistry. There was absolutely none between any of the actors and it showed, especially between Jace and Clary's kissing scene. Yuck!

#2: PLOT. I know the movie and T.V show is based on the best-selling books but to tell you the truth, the plot has been done before. Typical story of self discovery of a person living in the suburbs or futuristic setting; discovering a world hidden behind veils that they never knew could exist. Yawn. Give me something new. Something fresh and exciting. In the movie, they described the "INSTITUTE" as being located in an old church with nothing but old hallways and a nice greenhouse. But in the show, I haven't seen too many scenes focusing on the outside architecture but the inside....oh, boy. A little too much James Bond? And who are all those other ShadowHunters that weren't in the movie? Oh, wait. Just extras filling in screen space. That's sad :(

#3: Props/Fighting Sequences. What the hell is up with those freaking LED swords!? At least in the film, they used Crystal-like blades, which was more half-Angel to me. But I do have to say, that I love Clary's beautiful Crystal necklace. That's it. And where are these great fighting scenes that the actors trained so hard for? Yeah, sure....they have a little something here and there, but nothing WOW worthy. Clary's character was most DEFINITELY a stunt double and you could spot it too. And how? Well....the stunt double's arm are far more muscular in their upper arms. Kat's are longer and thinner. Sorry, Kat. Nothing personal.

#4: Targeted Audience. They say it's for young adults, right? I can see that somewhere in there, but it's definitely targeted for teens.

Other than a few cute guys, that's about it.

But anyway, let's see how the ratings come in for the rest of the season. I'll be tuning in for season 2, hopefully to see if anything improved. That's the only reason why I'm watching it. But I make sure I have it set on my DVR because there are far more important shows that I watch on that time slot.

Once again, I wish all the actors the best of luck!

Especially for Alberto Rosende since I hear this is his first role! I can see him going places! Great job, Alberto! And you make a good vampire! I can see him portraying one of my vampires if my book series ever made it to film or T.V!

And please, I hope my review doesn't offend anyone (especially the actors or the author herself) because that is definitely not my intention ;)


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