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Now, these are not completely unknown! I'm sure you've heard of most of them. These are just heroes unknown to the general public.

1: The Sentry!

The sentry is one of marvels most powerful character and is very interesting! He has a lot of depth but no one cares because he looks like superman. But he is awesome!

2: Spawn!

You like Guns? You like chains? You like sweet designs! You like Demons that control elements? This guys got it all!!! Legendary.

3: Dazzler!

I don't have anything special to say about This one except Awsome powers! She can turn sound into light (lasers, light, sparks). I like this one.

4: Constantine!

He has his hands on fire to fight bad guys! How awesome is that?!?! He also knows magic and spells to fight of demons that came form his past to bite him in the ass.

5: Spider-Gwen!

It is when Gwen Stacy got bitten by the radioactive spider and became Spider-Woman but Spider-Gwen sounds better. The costume is super awesome! In my opinion it is better than the spiderman suit. In MY opinion.


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