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People Change. But the feelings are not.
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Jake Hernandez POV.

Do I need to choose from both of you? I can't! Because you are my bestfriend but She is my dream girl. Do I need?

Sometimes we need to do that, To choose. But sometimes it's hard to choose from the two people that we all know that how is important to us.

Days, months and years, passed as by.

I'm now a college student from the Philippines at the Cavite State University, Taking of IT (Information Technology)

Last that I said, Why we need to choose? I love her but I think I love my bestfriend too. Complicated answered but what i'm going to do?

He is my bestfriend Jobert dela cruz, Also a college student in our campus, Were are childhood friends since for the long time,

Elementary days,

We've been through a lots of memories that tells How is he important to me,

Sometimes he is my enemy but he is my bestfriend always stand by me, He have a good personalities that I like him, Yes.. Were friends but things are change now... it is start here..

Sleep Over night#1

Me and my little sister Lorraine hernandez are just left in our house, So I ask jobert to sleep over in our house then he yes...

Sleep over.

10:36 pm

Now, were starting to sleep but Honestly I can't sleep, But i act like i'm sleeping so I'm just close my eyes, Then he starts to move.

He moves close to me, then I just thinking that he is scared that's why I hug him.

But he woke up, then he push me through out from the left side and then I'm just knock down in the ground,


It is hurt, But it's ok. I started to stand up but I feel that theres a blood in my head. I turned on the light,

-Oh.. i'm so sorry for that bro..

Jobert said it to me.

-Here let me see,

He move close to me, and I started to look at him, I don't know what is this feeling? My heart beat faster than before, I'm started to freeze and Stock front of him.

What i'm going to do? Then he push me away..

-Let's back to sleep bro..

That moment, I'm just standing his side and I don't know what I feel in this moment,

I turned off the light and Lay down in the bed.

I want to sleep but I can't,

After a few minutes.

He started to move, He going to turned around, So I close my eyes, I was thinking that he felt what I felt before?

He's now turning back, Then I hug him, Why? It's because I want to hug him that's all, and I don't know why? My heart beats faster than before, I think it just my Imagination that I have a feeling that I have crush on him..

After that night. 7o'clock in the morning I just woke up but jobert still on sleep.

I'm just looking at him, He's cute but anyway I started to came out on the room,

I saw my sister in the kitchen, She's hungry then I cooked a food for her tummy.

Days and months passed as by.

I don't know what is this feeling, I'm happy with him but I don't want to be like that, like a bisexual so I need to forget this feeling for him.

I act like his bestfriend, I act like his brother.

Years passed as by.

Were now Senior High.

And this start to change. Why?

It's because I met this gorgeous girl, her name is Mitzi Balunsay.

She's the girl that all boys are searching for because She's pretty and She's have a good personalities that I want.

She is the girl that I've dream before, Girl that I've been looking for.

But how? Can I get closer to her?

So I Ask jobert?



I ask jobert that..

-Did I have any of chance to Mitzi?

He said yes,

But that moment I feel from jobert is no.

I don't know, shall I say that I'm started to assume and wishing that jobert likes me too?

What's happening to me? I like Mitzi to be my girl because she is the girl that i've been dreaming before BUT I think that I like jobert too.

Everyday I'm happy when I'm with jobert. We play all day, Were shared what we have together.

But pushing my self to be a Straight and saying that 'No! Jake! your a man and nothing gonna change that! But I love him! No!

So! I started to give love letter to Mitzi Balunsay.

I don't know, but I think she's my rebound, I know that's bad but I don't want to be a bisexual! I don't want to be my image be like that!

I continuesly giving a love letter to mitzi and Wishing that she's gonna likes me too.

Days and months passed as by.

Mitzi and I, were now friends. Were close and having so much fun.

One day this is the day that I never to forget because..

While we having a conversation of mitzi in our house, we have a lots of topic that we've been shared.


-Knock! knock! Jake? Bro?! are you there?

Jobert has came in to our house and now they're meet mitzi in person.

-Mitzi I would like to introduce to you my bestfriend Jobert.

-Hi, nice to meeting you.

Honestly it was my first time that they now here both in my house.

It feels like, two people that you know are both important in your life.

The girl in the right side is the girl that i've been dreaming of and the guy in the left side is the guy that i love.

Since that moment I need to prove that I'm not a bisexual, so.. I move close to mitzi and have a conversation, Our topic is 'Do we need to choose? Heart or mind? Shall we say we need to listen to our heart? or shall we say that we need to be a practical?

Mitzi started to answer that question.

-for me, I'm going to choose my heart, I'm going to listen into my heart saying, because we don't need to be a practical sometimes, Sometimes we need to listen to our heart and when we choose it I'm surely we are happy that moment.

Honestly when mitzi said that, I'm not sure.. I'm now start to confuse what is my true feeling is?

And jobert start to deffent it.

-I think should I say that we need to be practical because if we choose our heart saying sometimes there's one person that you going to hurt, or sometimes our image is important than to our feelings because there's are people that 'Image is more important to them. Even if they not completely happy but surely is they keep there secret. So.. for me be practical.

When jobert said that. I'm just wondering that jobert have a secret and what was that?

To be continue..

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