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Vitmor Steinfeld

Believe me when I say that I was shocked when I heard Taylor Swift was dating Calvin Harris last year. Luckily for me, the shock passed fast, as I started to like what I saw. This month Calvin gave her this necklace for their one year anniversary:

Her face looked so happy in this video that it just makes me glad to know that she is in good hands. Just look at her adorable face:

New photos of them on vacation at the beach show Taylor in a bikini, which she isn't often seen in. Taylor sure changed for Calvin and I like where this is going. Here are the pics that Calvin posted to his Instagram:

What a killer bathing suit!

Taylor's enjoying the water.

Aw, she's so cute!

Just hang around, being absurdly photogenic.

Cutest couple ever!


But my favorite one is this one form last year:

Are you a big Taylor Swift fan?


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