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You are the Princess Shireen of the House Baratheon, and you are my daughter.
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I wonder what it's like to be somebody who can't each chocolate on Easter — it probably sucks, right? A bit like being celibate in Vegas or a Donald Trump supporter anywhere in Europe.

But if you're feeling the chocolate envy as Easter draws near, Batman v Superman has the remedy: a big, fat Easter Egg that won't make your tongue swell up and contains zero dairy.

The original score that soundtracks Dawn Of Justice is composed by the legendary composer Hans Zimmer alongside remixer Junkie XL, and on its track list you'll find a not-so-hidden Easter Egg to get your juices flowing for the movie proper — can you see it?

A lot of the track titles simply reference themes or snippets of dialogue from the movie, but #5, "Must There Be a Superman?" pays homage to something much more historic in the DC Comics Universe.

Way back in Superman #247 from January 1972, the Guardians of the Universe (yep, DC and Marvel's opposite numbers are never far removed...) questioned the need for the Man of Steel in a story titled 'Must There Be a Superman?' feeling that Clark's alter ego had become detrimental to Earth.

This is not just an Easter Egg plucked out of Kryptonian air; it has relevance in a movie that heavily questions Superman's role in society, and even finds his fellow superheroes suspicious of his motives. Much like how the Guardians pulled Superman before a galactic tribunal, in Batman vs Superman he finds himself answering to Holly Hunter's Senator Finch in front of a public gallery.

DC just dropped a number of hi-res images promoting Batman v Superman, and as expected it looks visually incredible. Zack Snyder clearly did a stellar job on that front. Check out a couple of the new images below, from a concerned Bruce Wayne looking up at the wreckage of his city:

To the Caped Crusader facing off with Superman right next to the Batmobile as a gas station burns (might wanna get out of there, guys). I recently read a theory that Superman steals the Batmobile, which would be very interesting...

And finally, Snyder directing Ben Affleck on the set. [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) soars into theaters Friday, March 25th, where it's expected to smash pre-summer box office records. That's a better Easter present than any chocolate egg, wouldn't you say?


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