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Buried mischievously between the death and destruction of The Walking Dead's post-apocalyptic universe are countless Easter Eggs that wink to future happenings, connections within AMC's network, and cinematic icons.

The guys over at What Culture have put together an awesome eight-minute video that takes a look at 20 Easter Eggs from The Walking Dead you probably missed. Did you spot them all?

1. Kirkman's Comics

Throughout the first three seasons, Carl Grimes wears a T-shirt with an atomic paw print on it. The paw print is actually the Science Dog logo, and Science Dog is a character that Walking Dead comic book creator Robert Kirkman spawned in the comic book Invincible.

Kirkman frequently sneaks his comics into the show, with an issue of fictitious comic Wolf Fight — a reference to The Astounding Wolf-Man — also making an appearance.

2. Morley Cigarettes

Morley is not a real brand of cigarette, but it has a long history in film, television and video games. The packet design is very similar to cigarette brand Marlboro and the name is a play on the nickname for Marlboro cigarettes, Marley's. The use of Morley's brand in The Walking Dead has been a pretty big nod to some other famous shows and characters.

Most notoriously used in The X-Files as the brand of choice for the Cigarette Smoking Man, Morley's has also cropped up in American Horror Story, Friends, Heroes, Malcolm In The Middle, Californication, Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Breaking Bad.

3. 'How About A Nice Cup Of Shut The Hell Up'

The quote seen in the background of this shot is a direct reference to zombie classic Dawn Of The Dead in which one character says, "The plan is you drink a nice tall glass of shut the fuck up!"

4. 'Breaking Bad's' Blue Sky

Considering The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad are network brothers, it's no surprise that the shows share some sneaky nudges, the most notable of which is Breaking Bad's meth of choice, Blue Sky. In Season 2, Daryl checks Merle's stash to see if he can find anything to cure T-Dog, and what he finds is a bag containing various pill bottles — and a load of mysterious blue crystals.

You can read about more "Breaking Dead" crossovers here.

5. Biblical Easter Eggs

When we were first introduced to the mysterious Father Gabriel and his church, were you paying attention to the bible verses on either side of the altar?

What could have been dismissed as a random selection of quotations were actually far from it:

And those weren't the only telling verses presented to us:

He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life

How apt.

6. 'Jaws'

Remember the Governor and his demented room of severed zombie heads floating in tanks? Movie buffs might have spotted one familiar noggin bobbing around amongst the collection — that of Ben Gardner from Jaws.

7. Brits Abroad

Some fans would not know that Andrew Lincoln, a.k.a Rick Grimes, is actually from the UK and that his British accent had a cameo in one episode of TWD. In Season 5, Tyreese hallucinates a radio report narrated in posh English. The voice oozing from the the airwaves? That's Andrew Lincoln's.

8. The 'Creepshow' Crate

In the Season 5 premiere of TWD, FX guru Greg Nicotero slipped in an awesome Creepshow reference.

He explained:

"You see it when Rick and the gang go running towards the train car to let the crazy tattoo guy out. ... There’s a bunch of crates around Terminus. One of the crates in the foreground says 'Arctic Expedition Horlicks University, Attn: Julia Carpenter,' which was the crate from Creepshow.

"We ended up not doing a tribute zombie in that episode, but we were able to get a little Romero nod in there just to keep up the love."

9. 'We Will Rise Again'

With Rick's new job as constable of Alexandria came a crisp new uniform. On the sleeve of said uniform is a patch with a Latin phrase which, when translated, reads: "We will rise again."

This phase was uttered by the Governor in Season 3 and possibly foreshadows Rick becoming the gov himself in this new position of authority.

10. Degrading Titles

As we progress through the seasons of The Walking Dead you'll probably have noticed that the zombies continue to rot over time. What you might have missed, though, is that with every passing year the show's titles decay a little more, too. Cool, huh?

Check out the rest of the Easter Eggs in What Culture's breakdown below.

What's your favorite Easter Egg on the 'The Walking Dead?'

Source: What Culture


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