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Strange things may be afoot at the Circle K, but apparently there are great things on the horizon for a third Bill & Ted movie!

That's right — in a recent interview, Keanu Reeves revealed that although the third installment in the franchise is still a little further down the track, it's definitely on its way! Speaking to IGN, Reeves said:

"We’re closer and we’re not closer. We’re expecting another draft and hopefully we’ll get closer."

Most excellent!

Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves
Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves

Reeves also told IGN that the film has the support of a studio for when the script is eventually finished:

"We’re just trying to get the script together. We’re trying to get the story right. We’re working with this studio so we have a little bit of support, in a sense of like if the material comes through we’ll try and make this picture. We’re really just still trying to get the story right."

Rumors of a Bill & Ted 3 have been swirling for years, but it was back in 2013 that Reeves and co-star Alex Winter started seriously talking about moving forward with the project. Not much is currently known about the film except that it will center on Bill and Ted "struggling to write the song that brings peace and harmony to the world."

It's been 25 years since a Bill & Ted film was released. The original, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, was released in 1989, and the sequel, Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey, came out in 1991.


What do you think about the possibility of a third Bill and Ted film?

Source: IGN


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