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For all its strengths, Capcom's harsh zombie franchise has always lacked a bit of pizazz. The kind of dazzling showmanship you'd get from a rousing Broadway show tune complete with a troupe of bloodied synchronized dancers, topped off by a stirring, cast-wide reprise ("Oh Umbrella, that's not how you treat a fella!").

Imagine West Side Story in Raccoon City. Singing, and fending off the ravenous hordes, in the rain. Annie, but five minutes after she's turned. Well, imagine no longer because Resident Evil: The Musical is coming — though probably not to any theaters near you.

However, I should mention that its actually titled (at least for now) Musical Resident Evil. The production will star Reon Yuzuki, an actress predominantly known for playing men. The show is expected to open in Tokyo from September to October and in Osaka during November.

This isn't the first time Capcom has stepped in front of the red curtain, having put on an Ace Attorney production last year. I love the idea of video game musicals — if only more franchises would step up to the stage. I hear Master Chief's baritone solos are positively knee-buckling.

What's your dream video game musical adaptation?

[Source: Capcom]


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