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The Ellen team were probably wondering how the post-shooting fatigue would increase their chances of scaring Ben Affleck to death. Or someone on the network's team had been asking for a long time to be allowed to dress up as Wonder Woman and have a short moment of glory in front of the cameras.

Either way, the Batman actor made a pretty big jump in today's episode, when an unexpected Wonder Woman jumped out of a box behind the couches and bolted, right in the middle of his conversation with Ellen.

Wonder Woman Scares Batman

Ben Affleck was innocently sitting in his cream leather armchair, minding his own business, when his answer to Ellen's question about whether Wonder Woman was anyone's love interest in the upcoming Batman v Superman was interrupted by 'Wonder Woman' herself. She jumped out of a box disguised as a table, scared the shit out of him and ran away.

Wait, that wasn't Wonder Woman! That was a man, dressed as Wonder Woman, judging from the mere seconds we get to see his (her?) face. The prank worked, though, and Ellen didn't shy away from a little schadenfreude by replaying Affleck's scream in slow motion.

Affleck's Son Is Adorable

In the rest of his interview with Ellen, Affleck brushed on his relationship with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner and proved once again that his 4-year-old son is one of the cutest kids ever:

"When I leave, he's like 'Are you going to the Batcave?' And, I can't, I'm like 'Yes, I am!'"

After The Prank, The Pie Face

The actor put his appearance on Ellen to good use by raising awareness for his charity, Eastern Congo Initiative, which works with local communities in Congo to improve coffee production. In exchange for a donation from Chideo, a charity broadcast network, Ellen had him play a Batman v Superman-themed game of Pie Face.

The episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show airs today, March 16, less than two weeks ahead of the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice on March 25. Check out Batleck in the trailer!

Who would you like see get the shit scared out of them on Ellen's show?


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