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Though being a dab hand with a lightsaber, everyone's favourite green Jedi of mysterious origin actually learned during his journeys that fighting is not the answer.

This is the opinion of Redditor PopsicleIncorporated, who has wreaked havoc on the internet with a theory that Yoda was once bitten twice shy from lightsaber fighting, coming to realise The Force was far preferable over combat. Drawing a lightsaber channels The Dark Side, whomever wields it.

To understand why, we must revisit Yoda's lightsaber history. The flames of Yoda's aggressive side were fanned at an early stage by lightsaber victory, meaning he switched his lightsaber on whenever he had a problem. PopsicleIncorporated considers this scene in Attack of the Clones:

[Yoda] attacks Dooku to save Anakin and Obi Wan. He wins the fight easily, even though it's likely the most difficult one he's had in years. So what does this teach Yoda? It teaches him that fighting is an easy way to solve the conflicts presented to him.

However his victory streak does not last. In Revenge of the Sith Yoda is forced to retreat after an ill-advised attack on Darth Sidious.

From this loss Yoda makes two important realizations. Firstly that violence is undesirable, as he tells Anakin:

"Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering."

Secondly he discerns that the Jedi Order had completely lost sight of where its priorities should lie. In Rebels he reinforces this to Ezra Bridger by telling him the Order was corrupt.

Yoda on Dagobah outside Dark Side Cave
Yoda on Dagobah outside Dark Side Cave

PopsicleIncorporated continued:

“So in 20 years in exile on Dagobah, Yoda does a lot of thinking. Eventually, he arrives to the conclusion that the Force should guide the fighting, not the other way around.”

Because of this newfound knowledge Yoda does everything differently with Luke Skywalker when he shows up - opting to hone his control of The Force instead.

Because of his lack of lightsaber training, when Luke travels to Bespin he gets his butt kicked by Darth Vader, losing his hand. He learns from this injury and trains in combat in-between the movies.

Luke then returns to dying Yoda, who gives him an ominous warning: "Do not underestimate the power of the Emperor." He needs command over both lightsaber and command of The Force to survive. PopsicleIncorporated continued:

"And here, you can see that he falls into the same trap that Yoda did. His over reliance on his lightsaber instead of The Force causes him to lose control, and to feed into Sidious's Dark Side abilities."

This is why Sidious encourages Luke to galvanize as much aggression as possible when fighting Vader; as this will empower Luke, jeopardising his control and drawing him closer towards the Dark Side.

It is only Darth Vader who is powerful enough to kill Sidious through use of The Force over a lightsaber. This theory adds fresh significance to the moment when Luke throws aside his lightsaber.

Which is greater: The Force or lightsaber combat?

Source: PopsicleIncorporated


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