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Romantic relationships with considerable age gaps have always fascinated. And while some of these relationships have sparked criticism due to the illicit and uncomfortable nature portrayed, others have simply proven that birthdays are no definer when it comes to love.

Here are nine fictional relationships with huge age gaps.

1. Carrie Bradshaw And Aleksandr Petrovsky — 'Sex And The City'

When Carrie Bradshaw starting dating the elusive Russian Aleksandr Petrovsky, the 20-year difference certainly didn't bother her. It was only when she realized they both wanted different things that the relationship started to crumble — after all, he had a grown-up daughter, a busy life in Paris and a creative mind that meant that he could never fully commit.

2. Dolores Haze And Humbert Humbert — 'Lolita'

In 1962, Stanley Kubrick brought to life Vladimir Nabokov's novel Lolita, sparking criticism all over the world of its portrayal of an illicit relationship with a minor. Focusing on the story of a middle-aged man who becomes obsessed with a teenage girl, MPAA restrictions on the movie meant that the director had to tone down many provocative points of the narrative.

3. Jenny And David — 'An Education'

In An Education, 16-year-old Jenny meets a much older man, who takes her on a whirlwind adventure through 1960s London in which she feels rather out of her depth. Here's the trailer for the haunting coming-of-age flick:

4. Frank Jr. And Alice — 'Friends'

When Frank Jr. got engaged to his home economics high school teacher Alice, his sister Phoebe was far from pleased. However, she soon realized that there was no keeping these two apart and they went on to marry and have triplets — using Phoebe as a surrogate. Their age difference was 26 years.

5. Khal Drogo And Daenerys Targaryen — 'Game Of Thrones'

When Game Of Thrones came out, the series was immediately criticized for its depiction of brutal sex scenes. Indeed, it's understandable why some people might have felt uncomfortable, considering the many instances of abuse and rape permeating the action.

Yet while many viewers were offended, readers of the book series certainly knew what they were in for — in particular, the storyline focusing on the relationship between 13-year-old Daenerys Targaryen and Drogo, the powerful Dothraki khal.

Although Emilia Clarke's character in the TV series is considerably older than the literary depiction, the age difference is still very visible:

7. Paul And Stifler's Mom — 'American Pie'

Stifler's mom is essentially the source of the wildly popular term "MILF," first coined by John Cho's character. Over the course of the two movies, Paul Finch had repeated Mrs. Robinson moments with his school buddy's mom, losing his virginity to her and pining after her forevermore. Relive the awkwardness and hilarity in the clip below:

8. Benjamin Braddock And Mrs. Robinson — 'The Graduate'

The Graduate tells the story of 21-year-old Benjamin Braddock, who is seduced by an older woman, Mrs. Robinson (hence the reference above). Although actress Anne Bancroft and actor Dustin Hoffman were actually only six years apart in real life, their on-screen romance boasted a whopping estimated 20 years between them.

9. Harold And Maude — 'Harold And Maude'

How could any list about age gaps be complete without perhaps the biggest age gap of them all — Harold And Maude? In 1971, the romantic dark comedy brought to life the exploits of Harold and his gradual closeness to a 79-year-old woman, Maude. Endearing and funny, it instantly became a cult classic.

What other fictional age gaps can you think of?


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