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Thor is arguably one of the most powerful Avengers out there, greatly thanks to his ultimate source of power -- his mighty hammer, the Mjölnir. Yet, how much do we actually know about the god of thunder's weapon of choice?

Here are eight things you (probably) wish you'd known sooner about the square-headed hammer:

1. The object is based on the weapon of the mythical Norse god

In Norse mythology, Mjölnir is considered to be the most fearsome of weapons, possessing capabilities such as flattening mountains. Other abilities include the creation of vortices and forcefields, with the latter being able to trigger explosions powerful enough to destroy galaxies.

2. It was forged by Dwarven blacksmiths

In the Marvel universe, it is made up of the fictional Asgardian metal called 'uru.'

3. Only those deemed worthy enough can wield its power

Indeed, Thor isn't the only character with the ability to lift the hammer. In fact, several others have been able to do so, including Captain America, Red Hulk and Superman. Find out who else right here.

Watch these guys fail miserably in lifting Thor's hammer:

4. The hammer bears an inscription

It reads:

"Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor."

5. The weapon is flawed

It's handle is far too short. As the story goes, when dwarf Eitri was forging the hammer, Loki appeared and turned himself into a fly. The trickster landed on the dwarf's eyeball, causing him to drop Mjölnir, resulting in the permanent defect.

6. Mjölnir can travel through planets

When it is deliberately thrown by Thor, it will overcome most obstacles to return to him, having the ability to even go through planets.

7. The weapon can remove toxins and radiation from the wielder's body

Whilst this may seem like a benefit, for superheroes like Jane Foster, this can lead to severe consequences. As a cancer sufferer, it interfered with the chemotherapy used to kill her cancerous cells.

8. Most of Thor's powers actually come from the hammer

This includes the god's power to fly -- when he needs to do so, Thor throws the hammer and simply holds on to 'fly' to wherever he has to go.

What else do you know about Thor's hammer?

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