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Now, with the news that Mark 'The Joker' Hamill and Kevin 'Batman' Conroy are soon set to reprise their iconic voice parts in an animated movie adaptation of DC's legendary Batman: The Killing Joke, it's a pretty good time to be a fan of the Dark Knight (and the Clown Prince of Crime). After all, Hamill and Conroy's voicing of the characters has long since become definitive, and The Killing Joke's comic-book form remains beloved - albeit ever-more controversial - almost three decades after its initial release.

The big question now, then?

What Other Batman and Joker-Centric Animated Movies Could We Now See Hamill and Conroy Team Up For?

After all, with the comic-book duo having long-since developed one of the greatest rivalries in comic-book-dom, there're a whole lot of stories still waiting to be brought to our screens.

Here are three of the more obvious candidates:

3. 'Batman: The Man Who Laughs'

Now, the DCAU may have already seen its fair share of Joker origin stories (and if it hasn't yet, it's a safe bet that The Killing Joke will fill that particular quota), but surely there's still room for an adaptation (perhaps in short form) of Ed Brubaker and Doug Mahnke's 2005 one-shot The Man Who Laughs, the villain's very own version of Batman: Year One.

After all, who doesn't want to spend another 20-90 minutes in the company of Hamill's Joker as he psychologically tortures Conroy's Batman?

2. 'Batman: Endgame'

Now, the DCAU's New 52 adaptations have tended to feature Jason O'Mara as the Dark Knight, but were that ever to change, it's hard not to yearn for a Conroy/Hamill-starring adaptation of Batman's 'final' confrontation with The Joker in the New 52, Endgame.

Not least because it all leads off with the villain turning the Justice League against the Caped Crusader...meaning we could probably see Tim Daly return as Superman, too.

1. 'Batman: A Death in the Family'

Now, here's the thing. Elements of A Death in the Family have turned up already in the DCAU, and much of the 1988-89 story-line would likely wind up being fundamentally altered for the screen - but when it comes to truly iconic Batman vs. Joker match-ups, it's really the only tale that comes close to matching The Killing Joke. In a few years time, could we see a similar fan movement to fully adapt it that we saw with The Killing Joke?

Also, from a fan-service standpoint, THAT Robin moment needs to be adapted for the screen as often as humanly possible, with Mark Hamill doing the voice every single time...

What do you reckon, though?


Which Batman/Joker story would you most like to see in animated form?


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