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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Of all the wise-cracking, evil-doing toys, Chucky is king. March 18 marks the 66th birthday of Chucky voice artist Brad Dourif, so check out 9 awesome facts about the movie that put Chucky on the map, Child's Play (1988).

1. Bloody Buddy

The movie was given the working title Blood Buddy, bearing a strong resemblance to Hasbro toy My Buddy, available on the market at the time (but hopefully not going around stabbing people!)

2. Meta Chucky

The date on which Charles Lee Ray put his soul into the Good Guy doll - November 9, 1988 - was also the day Child's Play hit theaters.

3. Casting Queries

The voice of Chucky could have been Third Rock From the Sun's John Lithgow and the character Andy could have been played by Robert Hy Gorman, who later played Alex, the little kid in Leprechaun.

4. Chucky... Raps?!

Geto Boys used lines from Child's Play in their 1991 song 'Chuckie.'

5. Hey! That Ain't No Toy Store!

The toy shop at the beginning of Child's Play was actually a Chinese restaurant in Chicago.

6. Studio Disputes

Child's Play was disowned by MGM/United Artists as they worried the public would be too put off by its subject matter. Universal soon saw sense and bought the rights for the sequels.

7. What's In A Name?

Chucky's full name, Charles Lee Ray, is taken from the names of famous killers Charles Manson, Lee Harvey Oswald and James Earl Ray. This is the nomenclative approach adopted by Marilyn Manson and his bandmates a couple of years later.

8. Advanced Voice

Brad Dourif recorded all of his voice acting for Child's Play in advance, which meant that the Chucky doll's lips could be perfectly matched to his voice. Great job, guys!

9. Blood Guy

The Chucky doll was originally supposed to bleed like a human if their latex skin was punctured. An initial plotline was that Chucky came to life when Andy does a blood-brother pact, mixing his blood with the doll's. That would have been even creepier!

What's your favorite Chucky fact?

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