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With credits like Iron Man 3 and Safe Haven to her name, a skill base that includes ballet and modeling, and a new base in Hollywood, Lorynn York is certain to be on the cusp of superstardom. Out doing PR for her new film The Carpenter's Daughter, in which she plays the obligatory mean girl (but she seems so sweet!?), we had the chance to grab a few minutes with the amiable, multi-talented thesp.

You trained as a ballerina in New York. How tough was that!?

It was pretty rough. I actually loved it. It taught me extreme focus and dedication that I use in my character prep today.

Are movies like Center Stage and Black Swan fairly accurate depictions of the ballet world?


What prompted the move away from ballet and into acting?

I was always in and out of acting classes. It just comes with being a dancer. It helps with artistry. Every type of artist should take a few acting classes.

What was your first gig?

It was my first audition EVER. It was an indie movie called 11:11 Directed by Meg Lansaw in Wilmington North Carolina. I had a few lines. I fell in love with being on set.

Did you frame the check?

I should have!

What appealed to you about The Carpenter’s Daughter?

It reminded me of the dynamic of my high school. I went to a small private school, it was a very judgmental environment.

Where it was filmed?

All over Los Angeles.

Could you relate to the story within it – if even not directly?

I really relate to Sadie’s character Natalie even though in the movie we hate each other. It was easy for me to be the mean girl in school. I was targeted by them growing up. I knew exactly what to do.

Lorynn, where can we follow you online?

My instagram is @xolorynnyork and my twitter is @officialLyork

The Carpenter's Daughter airs March 26 on Lifetime


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