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Now, of all the awesome things about geek culture joining the mainstream in recent years, perhaps the most subtly glorious is the fact that it has allowed a whole lot of filmmakers who would, were this the 1960s, have been relegated to 'independent pictures,' to make a whole lot of awesome mainstream movies.

James Gunn is Marvel Studios's go-to guy, taking over from Joss Whedon — neither of whom would have been trusted with a tentpole picture just a few years ago. Zack Snyder – a man who is basically just one of us with a knack for directing – is now essentially running the DCEU for Warner Bros.

Kevin Smith. Image: Clerks
Kevin Smith. Image: Clerks

And Kevin Smith? Well, he's not just making low budget indie movies anymore. Now, he's also a critically acclaimed comic book writer, geek icon and, most recently, a director for TV's most popular superhero show, The Flash.

And, from the looks of it...

Kevin Smith's Episode Of 'The Flash' Was Written By A Super High Profile Writer

Specifically, by Zack Stentz, who wrote such little-known movies as X-Men: First Class and Thor, as well as writing and producing a whole lot of Fringe and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

And who is most definitely heading to The Flash, seeing as it's now been confirmed by both Kevin Smith... and Stentz himself...

All of which means — though plot details (and even the title) are less than forthcoming — that we should probably already be getting massively over-excited about Episode 21 of The Flash's second season.

After all, with that much talent loaded onto a cast we already love? What's not to get excited about?

What do you think?


Just how excited are you for Kevin Smith's episode of The Flash?



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