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Hold on to your potatoes! Indy is back! Against all odds, 2008's Kingdom of the Crystal Skull didn't kill off the Indiana Jones franchise. At the tender age of 73 Harrison Ford has confirmed he is returning to his role as the fedora wearing archeologist. By this point it will be 2019 and Ford will then be 77 - we can hear the whip crack and the hip crack now. News on who else will return is still unknown....but dear God, please not Shia!

Safe to say Twitter went into a bit of a meltdown and it wasn't long before was trending away. Here is a look at the Twitterverse and 10 more of the best tweets to come out since Disney's announcement.

Harrison Ford being too old to take on the role

A first script draft?

On his co-stars

But who could the villain be?

Any excuse to put this up!

And one of my own for good luck


Are you excited to see Indy 5 on our screens?


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